Jerseys most important election ever!

I am a passionate Jerseyman whose family can be traced back a thousand years in the island most of which has been spent farming in St Mary.

I am an executive coach; Business speaker and Author and I coach and teach both individuals and companies how to overcome challenges and strategically plan to create a successful personal and business life.

I am deeply concerned about the direction the island heading and I want to use my skills to help get us back on track and preserve our island and parish for the generations that follow.

My main areas of concern are briefly outlined below. Please contact me for further details.


I believe that our parish is one of the most special areas in the island and I had the privilege of setting up and running the parish youth club which, I ran with my family for several years. I would like our parish to maintain its uniqueness and character. I do not want to see St Mary suffer from large or unsightly developments and I see no reason as to why this should ever happen. I hope to see our village community continue to thrive and blossom as it has done for centuries.

Your deputy is your voice in the states and I intend to be an effective and proactive voice that makes sure yours is heard. I also intend to be highly active in the parish itself.


Immigration needs to be tackled as a matter of urgency. I am not against immigration, but I want to see the introduction of work permits, photographic identity cards and vetting. We need to be able to manage our population and reject those that pose a threat to the safety of both our children and the wider community.


We urgently need the social security system to be reformed. We need to make it easier for the genuine cases to access benefits. We also need to close the loopholes that allow unjustified access to benefits. The system is widely abused, and it is the tax payers that are going to be forced to endure higher taxation to cover the costs.


The population must be managed at its current level. Our island simply cannot be continued to grow at its current rate. It is predicted the population to rise to 140400 by 2035 if immigration carries on at its current level. The states have a target of 300 individuals per annum but have no strategy in place to make sure that it happens.


The current schemes for first time buyers for people with parish connections should continue. This is a justifiable way of maintaining local communities and help us stem the flow of local people having to leave the island.

full Jersey passport holders are prevented from benefiting in the EU, as such Jersey people have substantially fewer options as to where they can live. Therefore, they should have their rights to schemes such as these protected at all costs.


Jersey spends a considerable amount of money on offering grants and incentives for people to come to live and work in Jersey. I would like to see a scheme set up to encourage local people to bridge the skills gap from within and make grants etc available to local people allowing us to strengthen and maintain the local community.

Together we will make Jersey special again.

Further details available on Facebook or by email.