I am standing for election as Deputy because I care about my Parish, I care about the people in it and I care about Jersey.

I have been a Centenier for the past few years and have been very involved in the Parish. My main role was holding Parish enquiries and presenting cases at the Magistrate’s Court. The role of the Centenier overlaps with that of the Deputy, dealing with a number of Parish issues so for me, so it’s is a natural progression to stand as a Deputy in my Parish.


  • Putting my Parish first-being the only candidate who lives in St Saviour’s 3 district I am uniquely placed to represent you.
  • The Economy-Increasing income and reducing expenditure.
  • Immigration- our increasing ageing population requires a robust immigration policy and enhanced controls including the introduction of photo identity cards and a point system similar to Australia and other nations.
  • Brexit – negotiating the choppy waters of Brexit. Securing the best deals for Jersey with EU and Non- EU countries during the transition phase.
  • Tax– progressing the tax review to make taxation more equitable –avoiding stealth charges.
  • Digital Jersey-I am proposing the creation of a new and bigger digital hub.
  • Agriculture – St Saviour is a very agricultural Parish; I will support our farmers regarding migrant workers and fair wage.
  • Health– Less procrastination more decision on the hospital.
  • Dentistry – It is simply not good enough that some children aged ten have never seen a Dentist.
  • I am proposing that mobile dental units should be provided at the schools so all children receive Dentistry.

Honorary Police –

I am concerned about the retention and recruitment of able Centeniers and officers.

  • I am proposing a root and branch review of the Honorary Police.

Environment  many of us will have been affected by the recent programme Blue Planet where viewers saw a bird feeding its young plastic. It’s time to take real action on plastic. I am proposing

  • Banning plastic straws.
  • Reusing containers rather than buying plastic bottles.
  • Cafes charging 25p less for bringing your own coffee cup.
  • Using biodegradable cups instead of plastic ones.


Arts & Culture

For too long the Arts in Jersey has been grossly underfunded. Its intrinsic value has an impact on our economy, health and wellbeing, society and education & tourism.

It is important we also recognise this impact to help people think of our arts and culture for what it is: a strategic island resource. I am proposing that we have dedicated Arts and Culture Minister not a position tagged on as an after thought to another Ministry. This will ensure that the profile of the Arts and Culture in the island is raised and improved.

Housing – We need more affordable housing in our Parish integrating all members of society. I am proposing the St Saviour Hospital site is used for mixed housing, family homes and apartments for the single and elderly.

Please visit www.mary.je

Many thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto.