I am a lawyer fighting for employee rights in the Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal.

With your support and vital vote, I can fight for wider social justice in the States Assembly.

“My boss, the owner of a small Town hotel, promised me time off for 200 hours overtime accumulated during 18 months working in the kitchens. He never paid bank holidays nor gave correct annual holidays. Fed up, I resigned and Nick is helping me to get paid for that overtime and holidays.”

Chef, 35

“I worked at the Airport. For 5 months I was harassed and bullied by a male colleague. He tried to seduce me. I rejected his advances and my life became a hell with mental abuse and manipulation. Management refused to do anything about their “golden boy”. I was forced to resign and now Nick is leading my case for sex discrimination and harassment.”

Clerk, 23

“I worked for a small trust company. I was professional and hard-working. The boss is an eccentric, a bully and harasser. The office lives in fear; many resign. Staff turnover is horrendous. He used sexist and racist language throughout my employment. I resigned on short notice because of his behaviour and he refused to pay me my last 3 weeks wages as punishment. When Nick sued him for my salary, he falsely accused me of baseless criminal offences. My boss put me in terror. Nick helped me.”

Accountant, 55

I have been fighting for social justice and constitutional reform in Jersey for over 25 years.

As a former Deputy, elected in 2014, I fought for the interests of working people, pensioners and the vulnerable.

My experience and skills are available to all constituents in need of representation, be it with employers, government departments or bureaucracy.

For more about me, my take on District 1 – St Helier issues, together with policies on housing, taxation, employment, the justice system and BREXIT, visit my website or Facebook.