After 50 years in Jersey, 37 years in St John and now semi retired, I wish to use my energies to the benefit of the Parish.

If elected, my first responsibility is to the Parish, as a States member parishioners will expect me to have views on key issues.

The Economy
It is vital that we keep Jersey’s economy strong for the benefit of all. Public finances must be better managed duplication, waste and inefficiency must be eliminated.

GST has increased to 5%. A lower rate of GST on essential items such as food should be considered. Further erosion of allowances for those well off must cease so that and income tax can be maintained at 20%. Jersey should strive to defend its political autonomy and fiscal independence.

The finance industry is the mainstay of our economy and we must make sure it is kept in good order. Diversification should be encouraged with appropriate legislation to ensure the industry remains competitive and a stable contributor to our economy.

Is still a major contributor, and it is more cost effective to work at developing tourism than embarking on high risk new industries. I am a strong supporter of event-lead tourism.

Farmers have faced up to modern challenges but would benefit from a greater understanding of their needs. Agriculture may no longer be the driver of our economy, but its contribution is still important.

In order to provide future stability to our economy it is important that low footprint/high yield economic activities other than finance are explored.

We have excellent primary schools and secondary schools that prepare students well for higher education. The system is less effective at providing vocational education. We must do more to prepare school leavers for careers in the local community. Although all States budgets should be reviewed, we must be careful not to destroy an education system that has worked well for many families; we should be providing excellent levels of education to all regardless of household income.

We must meet the needs of the community, particularly those seeking to purchase their first homes. Our countryside must be preserved and new developments wherever possible should be in urban areas or on brown field sites. The return from the States’ property portfolio must be maximised. These assets are owned by the tax payer and they must be managed effectively.

Administration costs must be cut and funds diverted to frontline services. Consideration should be given to sharing functions with Guernsey as such a move could help achieve this. The cost of medical and dental care should be reduced. The fear of not being able to afford basic medical care must be eliminated.

Reform of the States
The number of States members should be reduced efficiency improved and costs cut. From reviews already in existence this should be achieved without the need for another costly consultation exercise.

There are many serious challenges ahead and Jersey’s Government must be ready and prepared to meet them head on.