About me:

  • I am 63 years old and have lived in St Ouen for 39 years.
  • I am married with two grown up children and a grandson.
  • I have 10 years’ service in the Honorary Police, 6 as Centenier
  • I have had over 40 years’ experience working in the Jersey finance industry most of which has been in a very senior capacity

Why I believe I am a suitable candidate:

  • Knowledge and experience gained from serving the Parish for 10 years in the Honorary police
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of Jersey’s finance industry
  • Understanding of Islanders’ needs and concerns;
  • Experience in running large and complex business, employing staff and developing and managing budgets;
  • My financial services training and background
  • And 63 years of life experience!

Vision for St Ouen

  • We should continue to value those who make a substantial contribution to Parish life on a voluntary basis including the honorary police. I will support those already involved and would seek to draw others into our community.
  • I would push ahead in developing a Village Plan for St Ouen, examining needs for sheltered accommodation, affordable homes, nursery schools, young people’s facilities, parking, retail and recreational areas. The Plan should consider the future of the Youth and Community Centre.
  • As Connetable I would draw on all my experience to serve parishioners, representing their concerns and issues with States departments and other Island bodies.

View on the States

  • The ongoing success of our economy depends on a well regulated finance industry. We must robustly defend it and maintain high standards. We need to look at ways of diversifying our economy by strengthening tourism and agriculture and encouraging the digital industry to the island
  • The upcoming BREXIT negotiations represent an opportunity and a challenge. Jersey must push hard to get its voice heard and ensure we get the best deal possible for the island and not drop into any of the pitfalls which could see us excluded from markets in Europe
  • For too long middle/low income Jersey has been under attack. This has brought hardship to the very people who are the engine room of our Island. Stealth taxes and user pays policies only increase the cost of living and make it easy for ministers to avoid hard choices. More effort must be made to manage Government costs within the budget of income tax.
  • We need to develop a rational transport policy. This should cover both transport providers to and from the island as well as the pressures on our road system.
  • We need to develop a logical immigration policy. Jersey only has limited resources so going forward we need to ensure we target people who contribute to our economy.

On 11th April 2018 I was elected as the next Connetable of St Ouen. My grateful thanks to the parishioners of St Ouen and my supporters.