Work Ethics

I will work to the very best of my ability for the Parish and Parishioners of St John and the Island as a whole. I currently work over 70 hours a week which as a former farmer is normal.

Areas of Concern

  1. My biggest concern is the new Hospital. The cost to me appears too high and is putting the Island in debt for future generations. I strongly support a New Hospital as our Health is of paramount importance, but believe a more stringent process should be put in place.
  2. I have a serious concern about the failure of States to put in place a framework for decision making for any projects it undertakes. As a result decisions are made on “gut feelings” instead carefully considered evidence.
  3. I would like to see the States tackle the problem of poorly maintained buildings. It is embarrassing that so many publically owned buildings are simply neglected.
  4. The silo workings of the States and the desperate failure by Departments not to talk to each other. There are also issues within Departments where one half of a Department simply does not know what the other half is doing.
  5. The lack of communication both between the States Members and between States Departments. The Council of Ministers (or Executive as they like to call themselves) do not keep Scrutiny or the rest of the Assembly informed. This means constructive debate cannot take place because important information is not shared.

Parish of St John

  1. I will push forward as fast as I can the two current projects for first time buyer homes, the School playground and the Parish Car Park.
  2. I am currently looking forward to submitting to the next Island Plan, a network of pavements and pathways linking all parts of the village.
  3. I will defend and strong promote our fantastic Parochial system.

Jersey deserves the best, and I believe leadership comes from the top, but with agreement and support of everyone involved.