Jersey’s history is based on being nimble, making quick decisions and exploiting opportunities such as cod fishing, tourism, and offshore finance. Brexit gives us the opportunity to find future opportunities. In a time of massive unprecedented change there will be winners and losers. Waiting to see what happens is the path to failure. We must summon all the skills and talent in the island to plan, seek and action the future opportunities. Our future generations depend on it.

My role in the Assembly will be to ask pointed and probing questions and get to and communicate the truth. I am convinced that the decision-making process is not fit for purpose and has many fundamental flaws, particularly in Scrutiny. It is engaged in the process far too late to allow time for any meaningful challenge. I do not believe fully prepared options are made available in an open and transparent way to instil confidence in the outcome. I have sensed a high degree of political apathy with a ‘they won’t listen to us’ and ‘they’ll just do what they want anyway’. This is unacceptable in this island community of ours.

My career involved thirty years in the fast-paced Information Technology industry where I was involved in major sales and contract negotiation with banks and service companies on a global basis. I am used to the highly pressured life of corporate America. This will enable me to bring vast experience and contacts to Jersey’s digital initiatives, together with an appreciation of how large contracts are negotiated.

Jersey has always been my home, and my roots and loyalty have always been with my island. Born and bred to an established Jersey family, my maternal grandmother was a Balleine. I moved to London after education in 1978, returning to live permanently in 2014. One of my first actions when arriving was to seek ways to support the community. My time in the Honorary Police as Vingtenier of Coin Varin has been a rewarding and fulfilling role. I would like to use my experience and skills to benefit our community.


  • Prudent capital expenditure and balancing the books
  • Affordable housing for existing and future generations
  • Caring for the welfare of every islander
  • Increasing income from tax without raising tax rates
  • Progressing from a tick box mentality in education
  • Implementing a population policy that meets the needs of the island
  • Ensuring transparent decision making and clearer communication
  • Accelerate the adoption of digital technology
  • Launching a flagship Parish recycling scheme