Dear Voter,

I am standing as a candidate for Senator because I want to see a States of Jersey which works in the interests of all Islanders.

If elected, my main priority will be to focus on policies to improve the standard of living for all Islanders, something which I believe has been absent from the political agenda during this term.

The last few years have been characterised by dysfunctional government, increasing inequality and wasteful States spending. I believe that Jersey deserves better than this.

Over the last decade, real terms earnings for Islanders have fallen, whilst poverty has drastically increased. This has been exacerbated by some of the harshest policies pursued by the States. Future generations will pay the price of these decisions if nothing is done to reverse these trends.

Reform Jersey candidates pledge to work together to deliver a fairer Island, for all parts of our community.

I hope that with your support we can help deliver the positive change that Jersey deserves.

My Record

I have served for 4 years as Deputy for St Helier No. 2 and believe that I have shown myself to be hardworking and not afraid to speak up for the policies which I believe will benefit the public.

I have served as chairman of the Care of Children in Jersey Scrutiny Panel and vice-chairman of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel.

I have never been marked “en défaut” for missing a States sitting and have rigorously held the government to account during debates and question time.

The work I am most proud of has been:

  • Championing Equal Marriage
  • Fast-tracking the timetable for raising the Minimum Wage
  • Pressuring the government to deliver Higher Education funding reform



We need an economy which works for all, not simply the wealthiest.

I will support our emerging industries by modernising our legislation to allow for innovation and development for small businesses.

We will raise the Minimum Wage to £10ph by 2022 to end poverty wages.

Government Reform

We must crack down on the wasteful government spending which has been rampant at the top levels of the civil service in recent years.

We will reopen Workforce Modernisation negotiations to ensure front-line workers are supported and genuine inefficiencies are identified.


Reform Jersey pledges to simplify our Income Tax code to reduce the basic rate for 95% of taxpayers, whilst increasing it for the highest earners.

We will introduce progressive rates of Social Security Contributions for the self-employed.

Education & Young people

We will not fund Higher Education costs by making cuts to other areas in the Education budget.

I will work hard to ensure all the recommendations from the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry are implemented, so our young people can thrive.


The States of Jersey should set an ambitious target on renewable energy generation, and drastically cut down on pollution and waste.

Please visit to read our full manifesto.

Together we can make a difference.