Dear Parishoner,

​I am extremely proud to have been able to represent you since the last election in 2014. I would like you to consider my track record, and future vision when deciding on who to vote for this May.

I have campaigned against the over development of St Helier on sites such as Gas Place, La Collette and fought to prevent any development on our beautiful People’s Park.

I helped organise the very successful Havre des pas Seaside Festival with Deputies Labey and Martin.

​I am a man who is not afraid of taking on responsibility and making hard decisions evidenced by my past experience and performance as your deputy over the last four years.

Since the last election I have undertaken many roles and responsibilities.

  • Vice-Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee,
  • Member of the Planning Committee,
  • Member of the Privileges and Procedures Committee,
  • Member of the Jersey Police Authority,
  • Chairman of the Ecology Trust Fund.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister designated responsibility to me for the eGovernment Program and the Jersey Digital Sector.

​I won the following private member propositions in the States Assembly:

  • I overturned the proposed 400% increase in planning enquiry fees to ensure that the fees remained affordable for all Islanders;
  • I made it a requirement for the Council of Ministers to put a statement of Collective Responsibility on all propositions, thus increasing transparency in the way they work; and
  • The States Assembly agreed to my proposition to create an ePetitioning system. This will be in place for the next Assembly, and will make it easier for you to have your voice heard and the issues you care about debated in the States Chamber by your elected representatives.

My Pledge
If re-elected I will continue to work hard for you in all aspects of the running of Jersey.

St Helier
I will propose a fund is created in the next MTFP specifically for future St Helier Projects, Too many times over this last term, St Helier residents have been let down due to all the funds in the strategic reserve having been allocated already.

I want to get a carpark created at La Collette to give better facilities for the residents of the area and help rejuvenate the access to our beautiful Havre des Pas.

Digital Government
I will continue to work with the states departments to digitise our services, making it easier for you to access the services, when you want and from where you want, while creating a more efficient and cost effective government.

Digital Economy & Digital Skills
Digital Jersey is doing excellent in building the diversity the Island needs with the Digital economy and getting islanders skilled up in the latest Tech skills.

I will continue to work strengthening this vital sector and will be requesting a higher budget for Digital Jersey to help skill up more Islanders that can then be involved in this growing economy.

You will soon receive my manifesto leaflet with more information on my wider policies.