Dear Voter,

I have lived in our district for the past 30 years, I am married with 2 adult children. I was educated at St Saviour and Hautlieu schools.


States finances should not be improved by endlessly increasing taxes on businesses and consumers, but by ending the government’s expensive reliance on consultants from the U.K whenever a decision needs to be made.

Attracting more visitors to our Island by improving travel connections, rejuvenation of Fort Regent for families, tourists and as a centre of sporting excellence.


Local businesses must not be unfairly targeted. A 20% tax on profits made by Jersey retailers would allow internet companies to reap larger profits than local businesses. I would support a reduction in the proposed retail tax and seek to ensure it is applied fairly.

The tourism industry is struggling, the proposed waste tax may prove devastating to local hoteliers – I would oppose this if elected.

The cost of living must be reduced.

I will support the removal of GST from food and fuel as this greatly impacts and causes financial hardship to the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged and chronically ill. The loss of tax to the Treasury could easily be offset by a corresponding increase in the rate of GST on luxury goods.


It is essential that the new assembly addresses the issue of electoral reform. We can no longer accept the continuation of this antiquated system. The removal of the Constables from the States Assembly is vital. This group of 12 people, who in some cases are unelected, can influence States policy without accountability to the electorate.


I am greatly in favour of a drop-in medical centre with a nominal charge, to alleviate the pressure on the Emergency Department at the hospital. So many residents find it impossible to afford the exorbitant cost of visiting a G.P.


I would actively resist the implementation of the waste charge. This is a stealth tax, which would impact adversely on the tourism industry and other local businesses. This will increase costs, which will make Jersey as a holiday destination less competitive. It will also, inevitably lead to a waste charge for all households, which may cause environmental damage as fly-tipping may be a consequence.


In Jersey, we are fortunate to have Islanders who care enough about the future of our community to leave their property to the States of Jersey in their wills. Jersey Property Holdings have a large amount of unused properties which they have allowed to become dilapidated. These properties should be held in perpetuity for the benefit of future generations and not squandered by ours. They should be utilised by our community, they could be refurbished and reallocated to various charities such as Jersey Women’s Refuge, Shelter Trust Jersey and Sanctuary Trust, worthwhile charities which provide essential services to the most vulnerable members of our society.

Please Vote AHIER for Deputy.
Thank you.