Since 2014 it has continued to be my privilege to serve in the States Assembly on behalf of St. Martin. In this last term I have also had the honour of being the Environment Minister for Jersey, a role that I have throughly enjoyed. I am offering myself for re-election as Parish Deputy, my hope being that I can also carry on in a Government role. I have so many things that I still wish to accomplish, and I hope that I can continue to make a positive difference for both St. Martin and Jersey.

Without doubt my highlight of the last three and half years has been the completion of our new St. Martin’s School. It is the most wonderful building, and I know that all the children absolutely love it. Every time I visit I see happy faces, keen to learn, but most importantly keen to enjoy their school experience. How lucky we are to have been able to deliver this key part of our a Parish community. We have also added the Village Tearoom, and our Village Green is now almost complete. I would still like to reach an agreement on a children’s play area close to the tearoom, and also find a way to create the wetland area that I have always sought after on the west edge of The Green.

We have also just completed the last formalities for our new parish homes scheme. It was well over four years ago that I took a proposition to the States Assembly to rezone the site…but eventually, and after a huge amount of “issues”, we are finally ready to start building. I can’t wait to see young couples being able to purchase their own homes, with Parish help, and stay in St. Martin.

Another key parish project in the next year or so will be the redevelopment of the old school. Our parishioner’s wanted a shop, doctors and pharmacy, and that’s what we are going to be able to deliver….and more. I am genuinely excited for our parish’s future, and more importantly for the community of St. Martin.

Regardless of these big projects, I will continue to help any individual St. Martin Parishioner, and those who need political support and assistance for a wide range of reasons. Over this last term I’ve helped with planning applications, parking problems, healthcare matters, social issues, drains, trees, noise, smoke, floods…and pigs!…the list goes on, but I hope that in all cases I have achieved results by bringing common sense solutions.

On Island matters it goes without saying that there are a host of important issues to resolve. I want to keep working on environmental challenges…water and air quality particularly….fishing and farming….but also sustainable energy….there will always be healthcare, education, and of course population. We need to find sensible solutions to all these, for the benefit of everyone. My motto has always been “working together” and it will continue to be so.