My Priorities are:
Environment, Recycling, First Time buyers housing, Immigration, Tourism & Hospitality Industries.

Additionally we must have Accountability AND Transparency with decision making in future.

St Brelade has some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal areas to be found in the world. Our natural and irreplaceable places are where tourists and locals alike go to relax….

However, Les Blanches Blanques (Sand Dunes) is a veritable minefield of dog mess.

I would propose introducing a “Poop Watch” warden to patrol here, Noirmont, and other public areas with the power to issue a warning, and possibly on the spot fines for repeat offenders who do not have poo bags in their possession. Hopefully, this warden would have more of a deterrent effect than anything else.

Coastal development threat
I am totally against any further development on our coastline.

St Brelade’s bay is under threat from developers wanting to maximize profit over the small remaining areas that are left , just a stones throw from the beach! This cannot be right. St Brelade’s bay has seen more than it’s fair share of property development over the past thirty years in particular. I say enough is enough, not just in St Brelade -but to the rest of Jersey’s coastline.

Sea Lettuce
In St Aubin’s bay we have this problem that reoccurs every year, that simply must be addressed. Work must be done to eliminate the scorce of nitrates flowing into the bay which cause the problem, both from farmers fields and Bellozanne.

I support the SOS Jersey idea of placing oyster beds in the bay to help clean the sea of these nitrates.

The blight of sea lettuce every year does absolutely nothing to attract visitors to our shores- it must be tackled as a matter of urgency.

I have long been a devotee of recycling.

I fully support the initiative to reduce the amount of unneccesary “one use” plastic packaging in shops.

We also need to improve our island wide recycling rate which in 2016 was only 31% – I wish to explore all possibilities to improve this. For example, we could extend facilities in car parks adjacent to the beaches. At the moment, everything (including glass) gets dumped in the same bin!

Additionally, recycling more of our waste to France would give us an exciting opportunity to develop French-Jersey relations, and should prove to be environmentally & financially beneficial.

Les Quennevais Precinct
The precinct has over the past few years taken on a very run down look, with currently six retail outlets not let out to new business. These issues reflect badly on our parish and needs to be addressed with some imaginative thought on how it could be made more inviting and pleasant to shop around.