Having served as a States Member for 9 and a half years, I have carried out a number of roles that have had an influence on many policies and legislation. From Fiscal Strategies, Comprehensive Savings Reviews, Economic Stimulus Plans to Higher Education Funding, Income Support and Criminal Justice. I have been party to approximately 50 reviews of varying kinds and I have served with Ministers in both Education and Treasury.

We live in a constantly changing world and although businesses require some stability at these times, we need to rise to the challenge as a government and as a public sector to create opportunity, support and security for EVERYONE.

We fail to recognise what education means.  No one identifies with the ideals of a curriculum or government policy but they do remember the enthusiasm and inspiration of teachers.  Let’s place our trust back into the teaching profession and allow them to aspire to be their best whilst encouraging and growing the minds of our future generations.
Provide opportunities such as, teacher sabbaticals for cross purpose learning and obtaining best practice by tapping into the new global markets strategy.
Reduce or remove paperwork, our children are not numbers on a spreadsheet.
Enable creative teaching through a variety of skill sets that will instil a love for learning.
Create a hub of business knowledge that ALL schools can access for equal opportunities, remove league tables.
Revitalise the role of Highlands College by investing in the campus and providing the appropriate resources, co-ordinate and partner with industry to develop and expand skills, bring together all pockets of work to optimise opportunity especially for apprenticeships.
Re-examine the grants system for university for those households on an income below £50,000.  Introduce a loan scheme for living expenses therefore removing need for assessing parents income.

Assess the health insurance fund and consider its objectives to meet a primary care model that assists in prevention, diagnosis and support.
Illness does not work to a timetable and people should feel comforted by a support system which enables access and guidance as and when they need.  Create a model which supports 24 hour support for those most vulnerable and has easy access.

Consider a rental policy aligned to the statistical definition of affordable housing which is not exceeding 30% of gross income.  Aim to reduce the current rental policy from 90% to 80% as a minimum policy goal.

Work towards the removal of two types of personal tax system.  Firstly, address the role of allowances such as the nursery allowance and consider how to better target support through direct funding.
Assess user pays charges and determine where public subsidy should be suitably placed.
A full assessment of income support to determine whether it is supporting and assisting households to be independent and how the interactions with the tax system could be improved.

But most importantly, we need to lead by example, show integrity and take the Island on the journey with us.