Before moving to Jersey in 1990, I had been a Health Service Nurse Manager and then a Management and Commissioning Consultant to businesses setting up Residential and Nursing Homes in the private sector.

Once here I continued with this work. In the mid 90s I became the General Manager for The Shelter Trust, moving back to clinical practice at the General Hospital in 1999. I retired in 2013.

Over the years I forged a successful career with Army Medical Services (TA), Commissioned in 1979, I rose to the rank of Major and retired from that role in 2006.

In March 2004 I was mobilised to serve with Army Medical Services in Iraq. Returning in November, I was elected Centenier and have served the Parish for the past thirteen years.

For two years I have represented the Twelve Parishes and Honorary Police on the island wide Multidisciplinary Safe Guarding Board.

I am now keen to serve the Parish in an extended capacity, representing the ideas and views of parishioners in The States.

Parish first:

The Parish is actively pursuing development of affordable housing for young people. I consider this to be a priority and would work closely with the Connétable to identify development sites.

For St John to remain vibrant we need to ensure our young people stay or can return.

Support vulnerable parishioners
Some years ago the States took on the role of Income Support Provider. The Parishes agreed that part of the ‘Rate’ collected each year would be directed to Central Government.

Given recent experiences with a small number of vulnerable adults in the Parish, it is time to propose that St John reduce the contribution to allow resources for a practical welfare response.

Improve transport provision
Many people living in the north of the parish would prefer to use the bus; unfortunately for some the walk to Temple Court is not achievable. As a consequence they use their car for the full journey to Town.

We should revisit the discussion with Liberty Bus and the Environment Department about the creation of local and commuter ‘Park and Ride’ services.

Investment in renewable energy
We are the sunniest place in the British Isles. Why are we not taking advantage of this?

The time has come to reduce our dependency on external electricity supply, and become more self sufficient. There should be an incentive scheme that encourages householders to generate their own electricity and contribute to the island grid.

Home affairs
I would utilise my experience as a Centenier in the States Chamber when considering issues within the Criminal Justice system.

I am concerned about the new hospital location, a brownfield site close to Town is preferable. The existing site could become green once the project is completed.

GP fees, mean that some families avoid seeking medical assistance until there is an emergency. Dental care for many has become unaffordable. A review of government’s relationship with GP and Dental practices should be initiated.