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I am 42, born in Jersey and have lived in St Helier for over 30 years. I am married to a wonderful and supportive husband who also grew up on this beautiful island.

Educated at Hautlieu School and Highlands College, I completed a business qualification and subsequently worked in the legal and finance industries for the past 23 years. I have also run an event management business, assisting charities in fund raising and community projects.

I will champion community projects to enhance the lives of those living in the District. This includes the promised regeneration funding from the waterfront development, delivering improvements outlined in the Town Masterplan and road improvement schemes to ensure the rejuvenation of our town.

I will work hard to bring the Parish closer together, supporting the Constable and other Deputies to find solutions to the many issues parishioners face.  But most important of all, I will be there for you as your District Deputy.

I believe that the islands health care structure is under great scrutiny and rightly so. We need a clear, uncomplicated, easily accessible and affordable pathway of care for all of us. The over complicated, sometimes confusing, facilities provided are failing our needs.

This, of course, also applies to the Future Hospital Decision. This has been a failed process, but now we need real leadership to restore faith in all of us, but more importantly deliver the hospital that works best for all islanders ASAP!

Jersey faces difficult economic challenges and many middle to low income families struggle financially. There is an essential requirement for a fairer taxation system.

We need the right people to create innovative solutions for our economy, new jobs for our future putting an end to the government’s expensive reliance on consultants from the UK.

The Chief Minister announced one month after election that the government withdraw the proposed migration policy. I share your frustrations. I welcome everyone to Jersey who can make a positive contribution to our island, but we have to be realistic about the numbers, and it has to work for all of us.

We must invest more to support future creative learning for every child and the necessary support, financing and recognition that teaching staff deserve. We must seek to provide additional support to Highlands College and university qualifications for Jersey to protect and enhance the future generations and the islands potential.

In 2020, this Assembly will vote on one of the most important items which affects all of us; The Island Plan. This is a singular opportunity to make the rights choices. A key issue is an increase to affordable housing without a detrimental effect on the island’s natural environment.

I pledge to always make myself available to you and work tirelessly to find solutions and give you a voice.

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