Alex Curtis

Candidate for Deputy St. Clement

Why am I standing? 

I believe we need a government that can represent islanders’ best interests, provide suitable housing, protect the environment, and manage its costs. 

Each vote in the States can help determine the best path for Jersey. I believe in respect for others, fairness and living within our means. I would use my votes to support these values.  

We must be able to work together which is why I am a member of BetterWay2022. 

My background 

I grew up in St. Clement which was my home for over twenty years. It is still my family’s home and I hope to return to the parish. 

I work at Microsoft helping businesses and government bodies use technology to solve problems and will leave this job if elected. 

I also started my own “Genuine Jersey” business in St. Clement, La Côte Distillery, a proud local producer. 

Economy and Opportunity 

I believe that Jersey must live within its means and not build long term costs for the next generation. 

Jersey should diversify its economy, be less dependent on a single sector, make things easier for local businesses and so provide a wider range of employment opportunities for islanders.  


The high cost of housing cannot just be solved by more building. 

We need to ensure the housing market recognises homes as places to live in, not just investments contributing to spiralling costs. 

Our housing should be suitable for our needs with increased minimum standards for size with properties designed to ensure islanders can enjoy a good quality of life. 

We must also keep houses that are suitable for families and not just convert these to flats.  

St. Clement should not have to take more large housing developments. We must keep our remaining fields and open spaces.  


We must protect our natural environment and reduce the impact of development and transport. Any changes should enhance Jersey’s natural and built environment and character. 

Jersey should be sustainable in terms of energy, transport and population. 

We should encourage active/sustainable transport, make improvements to support different users, and provide easier public transport across the island with improved access for more environmentally friendly forms of transport. 


We should have more affordable, proactive health services for all islanders.  

Our care model must also be clearly detailed and feasible to support our ageing population. 


Jersey should invest in the future for all islanders, including vocational training, and work closely with businesses to create more opportunities for work experience and reskilling. 

For St Clement, I will: 

  •  Represent your views and experiences 
  • Be approachable and ready to support parishioners 
  • Engage with our community groups 
  • Help protect Parish interests 

The Jersey I want to see is inclusive of all its islanders. Whilst sometimes we must make hard decisions, we must treat all those who live here with greater equality and respect. 

For more information, please visit my website or get in touch.  

Please consider me for one of your votes this June. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Vivienne Ann Neil
  2. Mary Margaret Curtis
  3. George Danskin Telford
  4. Alistair Mitchell
  5. Rebecca Fleur Curtis
  6. Miguel Angel Zaragoza Gimeno
  7. Will Jack Robinson
  8. Terence John Le Main
  9. Sean Burke
  10. Laurence Curtis