Barbara Ward

Candidate for Deputy St. Clement

I am Barbara Ward MSc, RGN, RMN, CPN cert, mainly known for my work in nursing and voluntary roles – most recently with the excellent Covid vaccination programme at Fort Regent and in schools. I will by running for Deputy of St Clement as an Independent candidate, in this year’s elections on Wednesday 22nd June 2022. 

I have lived in St Clement since 1989 and will run with the slogan: 

Putting People and Health Care first. 

I arrived in Jersey in 1979 and spent most of my professional nursing experience in the Island’s Health Care System, mainly in Mental Health. I have progressed from student nurse to Matron then Senior Nurse. Following redundancy in 2011 I returned as a Bank Staff Nurse in the Elderly Mental Health Area plus working part-time as the Front of House Duty Manager at the Opera House for 9 years. 

I am concerned about the state of health care in the island, in particular the New Hospital Project. I coined the phrase “they are putting the cart before the horse” at the historic meeting in February that refused the Planning Application for the demolition of the present buildings at Overdale – saving Samares Ward.  

I am concerned about how the Island appears to be putting buildings before people’s health care needs.  

My voluntary work is as follows: 

  1. Member of Variety, The Children’s Charity 
  2. The Employment Forum – 2009 to 2020 
  3. Employee Representative on PECRS Pensions Committee – 1989 to 2020 
  4. Royal College of Nursing Chair and Lead Steward for 25 years 

My views for the future: 

  1. The Health Service needs an independent inspection by the UK Care Quality Commission.  
  2. Following scrutiny of the new hospital plans, it is clear they will not meet the island’s needs. My view is to have a two-site hospital, plus a first-class community care service by: 
  3. Developing Overdale as the non-acute facility, incorporating step-down and Oncology  beds, rehabilitation on Samares Ward, out-patients, non-acute treatments and a community staff base etc.
  4. Refurbish the existing General Hospital site as the Acute and Emergency facility providing space, extended facilities to improve the patient’s experience and working conditions for staff
  5. Invest and build on the work delivered by a first-class community care service.

Other areas of concern:  

  1. The need for a comprehensive Population Programme.
  2. Tax and Financial Management – reverse the double taxation on Social Security pensions.
  3. More investment in Arts, Culture and Heritage.
  4. Reduce our carbon footprint by investment in wind, water and solar power.

I want to focus life at parish level, partly by raising awareness among the young on Mental Health issues.  

I’m a common sense people’s person, a good listener, a fighter, and a plain speaker. By standing as an Independent candidate provides me the freedom from any political party so I can work with the parish team and parishioners. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Julie Collins
  2. Linda Toudic
  3. Sheelagh Elaine Greene
  4. Joan Anne Perree
  5. Marion Lee
  6. Ian George Le Couteur
  7. Susan Garry
  8. Corinne Jane Provaux
  9. Janet Duval Davison
  10. Deborah Alicia Pike