David Johnson

Candidate for Connétable in St. Mary

I have served as St. Mary’s Deputy since 2014 and I thank parishioners for having given me that honour and privilege. I very much wish to continue to serve the Parish to which I, my wife and 4 young children moved some 30 years ago and I consider that the best way I can now represent its interests is as Constable. 

By way of general background, I am a solicitor with over 40 years’ experience in a career which has included appointments as director and trustee. This career has provided me with the ability to listen and consider views of all parties and to make independent and impartial decisions, an ability which I have found invaluable in my States commitments including those when acting as Chair and Member of various Panels and Boards. I consider my experience both in legal practice and subsequently in the States provides an excellent foundation for the role of Constable. 

It is not possible in this brief manifesto to cover my views on every subject but I highlight the following;  


 My daily office would be at the Parish Hall so as to be readily available to meet parishioners; 

  • I commit to supporting the honorary system which is at the heart of parish life;
  • I would encourage and support the formation of groups to take forward particular initiatives for the benefit of the parish community; 
  • I recognise the need for affordable homes in the parish but not in the form of large greenfield developments; 
  • I will continue to oppose any extension of the quarry resulting in loss of agricultural land; 
  • As when Deputy, I will continue to raise with the relevant Minister or Department specific concerns of parishioners. 


HOUSING: The shortage of housing generally, and affordable housing in particular, continues to be one of the island’s main challenges; it is to be hoped that implementation of the recent Bridging Island Plan will go some way to addressing this; 

THE ENVIRONMENT: I oppose large developments on greenfield sites  

FINANCE INDUSTRY: The finance sector continues to be the bedrock of the island’s economy and it is imperative that States Members understand its ongoing concerns and requirements so as to maintain the island’s position in the international market. However, this support should not be at the expense of  expansion and diversification of other industries. 

POPULATION: Whilst the census indicates a slowdown in rate of increase, there is an ongoing need to fully identify the workforce necessary to meet the island’s requirements with particular reference to key workers such as those engaged in healthcare; 

PUBLIC EXPENDITURE: Further steps need to be taken to ‘rein in’ the level of expenditure in terms of employees/consultants and other savings. 

It is not possible in this brief manifesto to here cover my views on every subject but, if you care to contact me, I shall be delighted to discuss other issues.

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Brian Curtis
  2. Alison Woodcock
  3. Steven Milsom
  4. Manuela Milson
  5. Fritha Wilson
  6. Ian Ling
  7. Simon Slaffer
  8. Laura Pittman née Perrée
  9. Derek Vernon Le Brun
  10. Paul Ashworth