David Warr

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier South

I’m the owner of Cooper & Co., a 130 year old local, family run business that consists of 3 cafés, a shop; has an on-line presence and wholesale operation. We have strong social and ethical policies. I’ve been running the business for the past 30 years.  

I am standing because I believe the political link between business and Government is broken 

Cost of living crisis:  

Most inflation is imported so we have little control over the cost of energy and food. For many, including my workforce, the biggest issue is the cost of housing.  

  1. I question the rationale that pegs public sector rents to the private rental market. We urgently need to review this.  
  2. I am however fundamentally against any form of rent control on the private sector. We need to review the criteria used for giving support to the most vulnerable in our society. 

The Hospital:  

Recognising that £100 million has already been spent on the “Our Hospital” project, it is, as it stands, the wrong long-term solution for our community.  

St. Helier: 

We urgently need a singular vision, the current fragmented approach is a disaster. If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that physical and mental wellbeing are vital to build resilience in our community  


My business is not alone when it comes to experiencing extreme difficulty in recruiting staff. This has resulted in significant wage inflation which will inevitably impact cost of living inflation.  

  1. We need a long term strategy that makes it attractive for those in key sectors such as nursing and hospitality to come and work in Jersey.
  2. Changing demographics – We need strategies around health, community and flexible working to be put in place over the next 4 years.  

The Economy: 

We all recognise the importance of the Finance industry. We need howeer to ensure that other parts of our economy are also properly looked after 

Visitor economy 

The hospitality sector plays a huge role in the enjoyment of this Island. What is being done to keep this sector economically viable?  

Rural economy 

This is an area of our economy that is at a crossroads. Food security is vital, we need a strategic review of our rural economy so that it is clear where its future lies.  

Digital economy  

Digital is the future for all aspects of our life, it will make our economy more productive thereby mitigating population pressures.  


We need to take a long hard look at the infrastructure around our schools. Our education system needs futureproofing and surely it starts with having appropriate facilities.  


The Carbon Neutral Roadmap that builds on the progress made through Pathway 2050 means there are some very exciting opportunities. We need to make sure that local small businesses are not overwhelmed with red tape. 

 Arts and Culture: 

How have we let our iconic Opera house fall into such a state of disrepair? We urgently need a plan. Could the answer be an “Arts quarter” in the Gloucester street area?  

 To read my full manifesto go to: www.warr.je/manifesto  

Names of Proposers and Seconders


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