Deidre Mezbourian

Candidate for Connétable in St. Lawrence

Dear Parishioner, 

It has been a privilege to serve St Lawrence for over twenty years – as a member of the Honorary Police, as Deputy, and as Constable since 2008. I am honoured to have been approached by many Parishioners who have asked me to stand for re-election. 

I have an open-door policy, listening to your views in order to build an inclusive and supportive community in our beautiful Parish. 

I am standing as an independent candidate, with no affiliation to any political party or group. 

As your Constable, I will:  

  • Increase our sheltered housing, enabling Parishioners to live independently in a safe, secure environment. 
  • Deliver road safety improvements on La Route de St Aubin and at Bel Royal School, having secured commitment from the Infrastructure Department. 
  • Continue to support Parishioners who are struggling through initiatives such as the St Lawrence Community Support Team. 
  • Keep the Parish rate as low as possible while continuing to deliver effective services. 
  • Create a new accessible ground-floor meeting room at the Parish Hall for community meetings and events. 
  • Review redundant glasshouse sites for consideration for first time buyer homes. 
  • Continue to oppose inappropriate development in the Parish and to protect our rural environment. 

My achievements as your Constable include: 

  • Current Chairman of the Comité des Connétables, last year leading on the introduction of “Standards in Parish Service” – ensuring all Parishes seek to provide the highest level of public service and accountability. 
  • Maintaining all Parish Hall services during the pandemic and lockdowns. 
  • Securing the highest level of protection from development for Millbrook Playing Fields and last year successfully lobbying to have the site removed as an option for the new hospital. 
  • Establishing the St Lawrence Community Support Team, providing support to vulnerable Parishioners of all ages since 2009. 
  • Improving pedestrian safety through a reduction in speed limits across the Parish and creating several new Green Lanes, in consultation with Parishioners as part of the Island-wide Road Safety Strategy. 
  • Establishing the popular Moignard Liberation Garden – with new parking, pétanque terrain, and a safe off-road path through the heart of St Lawrence Village to St Lawrence School. 
  • Keeping the finances of St Lawrence in good order, as confirmed by the Royal Court last year during the Visite Royale. 
  • Delivering essential restoration, repairs and improvements to the historic Parish Hall. 

My extensive States record includes: 

  • Current member of the Planning Committee, Emergencies Council, States Employment Board, and the Bailiff’s Consultative Panel.  
  • Former Assistant Minister for Home Affairs – with delegated responsibility for the States of Jersey Fire Service, the Customs and Immigration Service and the Office of the Superintendent Registrar. 
  • Former Chairman and Vice Chairman of various Scrutiny Panels. 
  • Former Vice Chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee. 

Our unique Parish system is what makes Island life so special, and I will continue striving to preserve it for future generations.  

I hope my proven track record of service to our Parish and Island will earn me your vote on 22 June. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. William Sean Morvan
  2. Alfred Stanley Pipon
  3. Marlene Anita Farrow
  4. Margaret June Howard
  5. David Le Cornu
  6. John Emmanuel
  7. Wendy Laybourne Ethelston
  8. Brian Philip Raffray
  9. Roland Shepperson Cooke
  10. Ann Pilley