Hilary Jeune

Candidate for Deputy St. John, St. Lawrence and Trinity

I am Hilary Jeune.  

I want to work for you to make Jersey a fairer, more inclusive place to live, while protecting our environment – using my passion, experience, and influence to make a real difference. It is why I am standing as an independent candidate for Deputy in St John, St Lawrence, and Trinity.   

I grew up in St John and became interested in politics through my grandfather (Senator) Reg Jeune. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are sitting around the table debating the important issues of the day, and it is something that I continue to do with my two children and husband.  

My career has taken me to the UK and to Europe where I worked influencing international organisations, and governments, including the United Nations, the World Bank and the European Union. Working with Oxfam and Fairtrade, and now in my own business, my role has been to encourage countries to reduce inequality, protect the environment and create a sustainable future. I have monitored, scrutinised and influenced the European Union’s budget, as well as trade, climate change, agriculture, and international development policies. I am Deputy Chair of Jersey’s youth homelessness charity (JAYF), an advisor to the Jersey Community Foundation and I volunteer as Editor of the St John parish magazine and as an elected member of St John’s Comité Rurale.  

Using this experience and knowledge, I believe I can make an impact.   

My vision:  

I believe that policies must be values-led, evidence-based and focus on our future, for our younger generation.  

I will listen to you and hold regular surgeries in all 3 parishes. I will be accessible, approachable, constructive, and collaborative working with all Members to develop impactful policies. 

I want to see: 


  • Housing built as part of a community plan including alternative transport options. 
  • A different approach to build cost-effective, climate-resilient housing for all.
  • Improvements to the private rental sector.
  • Rapid implementation of the homelessness strategy. 

Health Care  

  • Accessible quality primary health care, focusing on prevention/healthier lifestyles.
  • A new hospital with more key workers and nurses and less administrative staff. 
  • A dementia strategy.  


  • Access to healthy, affordable food where our farmers are valued.  
  • Improved soil quality.
  • A network of Marine Protected Areas.
  • An ethical/socially conscious/sustainable public procurement policy. 


  • An education framework focusing on problem-solving, critical thinking, building confidence and empathy, reducing excessive testing.  
  • Enhanced digital skills and financial literacy for all.
  • An independent Skills and Careers Agency to get local people into local jobs. 


  • Support for small businesses and innovation.  
  • An effective/balanced population policy.  
  • A Sustainable Finance Jurisdiction. 

A diverse/inclusive society  

  • Greater collaboration across the public/private/third sectors to find innovative solutions to key social issues. 
  • Support parents return to work, broaden nursery provision and flexible working provisions.  
  • Reduction in the gender pay gap with government being the standard bearers and further adoption of the living wage. 
  • Creation of an Equalities Minister for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Kevin Charles Keen
  2. David Beaugeard
  3. Michael John Stentiford
  4. Jill Keogh
  5. Tina Palmer
  6. Richard Dupree
  7. Catherine Kirby
  8. Nigel Perrée
  9. Alice Honey
  10. Eva Voght