Ian Gorst

Candidate for Deputy St. Mary, St. Ouen and St. Peter

I am standing as an independent candidate and am committed to working hard to keep Jersey special. I have a proven track record of delivering for our community and have the experience and leadership required to be a strong voice for our parishes in the States.

Over the past four years, I have represented Jersey’s interests on the international stage and helped to grow and develop key parts of our economy. This has included standing up for our Island in Brexit negotiations and supporting Jersey businesses across the world. If elected, I hope to continue building Jersey’s economic, political, and cultural links for the benefit of Islanders.

Jersey is a successful Island, but we face challenges to ensure our success is shared fairly and that we remain an affordable place to live.

To address the housing crisis, we must build affordable homes on States owned sites and enable developments on other appropriate sites. I support taller buildings in St Helier to help protect our green spaces and ensure minimal further development in St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter.

New developments must consider the local impact on schools and traffic. First time buyers, and Islanders with Parish connections, should be given priority for new housing.

I have previously overseen successful shared equity and deposit support schemes, and these must be available again. We should use existing States investment funds to help pay for new housing developments and support affordable purchases.

To tackle cost of living increases, we need targeted support to help the most vulnerable, especially with winter fuel bills. I would cut fuel duty by 10p a litre, freeze alcohol duty and support businesses to ensure we become a living wage Island.

We require a balanced population policy and, post-Brexit, should make greater use of time specific work permits.

I support sensible moves towards carbon neutrality and greater sustainability. Changes must be supported by the public and proportionate for Jersey.

I support strengthened provisions to allow the police to act against anti-social and criminal behaviour. Further targeted action should be taken to reduce speeding.

We must return to a prudent management of our public finances, reducing debt, controlling public spending, and keeping taxes low.

More needs to be delivered in Education. We need to extend skills training and give fair support with university living costs.

Overdale is not my preferred site for the new hospital. Any alternative, more cost-efficient options should be considered quickly after the election. Our everyday health and care services must improve, with greater investment where necessary to reduce delays and cancellations. I am unconvinced that all of the proposed Care Model is appropriate for Jersey.

I voted to keep Senators and brought a proposition to save Senators. If re-elected, I will again make efforts to bring Senators back for the next election. I support the Constables remaining as States Members.

I commit to being an active and accessible parish Deputy, holding regular surgeries and standing up for parishioners.

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Brian Philip Follain
  2. Nigel Anthony Le Quesne
  3. Kenneth Priaulx Vibert
  4. Alexandra Kirsty Ruddy
  5. Serena De Gruchy
  6. Jan Sarah Richardson
  7. Gerald Hedley Le Ruez
  8. Geoffrey John Grime
  9. Aimee Frances Sinclair-Horgan
  10. John Neville Rogers