James Corbett

Candidate for Deputy St. Brelade

I was born and schooled in London. At Exeter University where I studied is where I first met Jersey people too. On qualifying as a barrister in England I lectured at Leicester University before entering practice. Work included being a Recorder as a part-time judge of trial courts and a deputy High Court judge. I was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 1999 and have worked internationally wherein I became reacquainted with Jersey and its people. I knew a time was coming when I would live and work on this beautiful island. That adventure began when my wife, Barbara moved here in 2007 and we acquired our first home. 

I have always believed in the importance of public service. When our 4 girls and son were children I was a parent governor of local schools in Northamptonshire. I was elected as chairman for the Parish Council. I served in both offices for 10 years earning the respect of my fellow parishioners for my efforts to improve services to enhance the quality of parishioners lives. Wider afield I stood for Parliament in 1983 and 1987 and for the European Parliament in 1984. The creation of a new party in the SDP attracted me to politics. It was a fleeting novelty as most were new to politics. We did not feel hidebound by what had gone before. Driven by clear principles anything seemed possible in practice we had to also make a living and so I left public life for some years.  

The establishment of Jersey Alliance enabled me once more to serve the community. Jersey’s people are rightly proud of their independent spirit. At times that independence and grit that can also be an obstacle to progress. The reintroduction of political parties could bring a focus and efficiency to what government can and should achieve. I ask voters to give me the opportunity to play my part and to do so with independence of mind coupled with discipline in action. I am a board member of ArtHouse Jersey and am working to provide an experience with colleagues of beautiful, diverse and exciting artistic events to the island. I believe that as a member of the State of Jersey it would be possible to contribute much more. 

I am proud to be a Jersey Alliance candidate for St Brelade. I am working hard to identify and understand local concerns and issues and to find solutions. So far these include strong expressions on the overdevelopment of St Brelade’s Bay, the preservation of hotels over flat conversions, the enhancement of amenities such as the the Railway Walk and eliminating vandalism in public areas. I pledge to listen and learn from residents and to lead in finding and delivering answers. 

I also look forward to using my experience in the areas of external relations and public finance and to defend Jersey’s constitutional independence so that all Jersey people have a fair opportunity to share in its success. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

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  2. John Martin Constantine
  3. Selina Elizabeth Lunnon
  4. Louise Marie Eden
  5. Anna Gabrielle Styles
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