Jeremy Maçon

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

It has been a privilege to serve as a Deputy of St Saviour district Petite Longueville for the past 14 years. I am now asking the for the support of all of St Saviour residents so I can continue to serve you as an Independent member.  

My family has been in Jersey since the 1700s. I have a joint Social Sciences degree from Plymouth University. 

I’ve served the Island as a Minister (Housing, Education & Children), Assistant Minister (Social Security, Health & Education), Scrutiny (Chairman Education and Home affairs, Vice-Chair Economic affairs), Chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee and a member of the Planning Applications Panel. All of this gives me a breadth of experience across many States Departments. 

As a States Member I’ve brought many successful propositions:-  

  • Greater legal protection for cats on the Island’s roads 
  • Stopped the merger of Liberation & Weighbridge squares (saving £2million & traffic chaos) 
  • Promoting Jèrriais, etc. 

My achievements include:-  

  • Increased funded nursery places to 30 hours for 3-4 year olds
  • Banning foreign investors from buying new residential property
  • Delivering 80% social rent model 
  • Improved funding to our schools £11.6m over 4 years 
  • Introduced paternity rights for fathers and overall improved parental rights 
  • Introduced better funding for University students 
  • Seen the lowest levels of unemployment whilst having political responsibility for the back to work team 
  • Pioneered the Temporary Cost of living scheme providing an extra £20 PER PERSON per month; helping approx 11,000 islanders 
  • Introduced on-island training for Mental Health Nurses 
  • I will always fight for St Saviour. I’ve delivered the road crossings on Longueville Road 

The priorities for Jersey should be:-  


I continue to campaign for a work permit system, bringing in only the skills we need.  


I support the digital integration of States facilities to creating efficiencies and cost-saving across States Departments.  

Small businesses & diversification 

I will support small local businesses, through waiving fees paid to the States, developing Social Security assistance and tax incentives.  

Affordable housing  

Adopt modern methods of construction such as prefabricated buildings reducing the construction costs  

Refurbishment loan scheme; there are some empty properties that need renovation in order to come back onto the market. The States could help owners via a low interest loan scheme to repair their properties, the repayments could then be recycled as is done in many other places.  

Fine the owners of vacant properties  


A flexible workforce is essential for Jersey. The development of the retraining strategy is under way, this work must be completed and funded in order to assist local people to transfer into the different working sectors of Jersey.  

I was a member of the early years policy development board and the recommendations need to be implemented, in particular funded hours for 2 year olds with Special Educational Needs. 

Implement the inclusion review to help children with Special Education Needs  

Planning and Environment 

Encourage renewable energy installations by challenging the JEC’s tariff policy. I have consistently fought to protect agricultural land 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Georgina Ann Bouguard
  2. Janice Ann Le Ruez
  3. Elizabeth Ann Foyle
  4. Janice De Freitas
  5. Pauline Anne Matson
  6. Gemma Gouyet
  7. Alison Fromager
  8. Arthur Bertrand
  9. Enid May Carre
  10. Maureen Ann St George