Jo Luce

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier South

I am Jo Luce, I was born in 1971 in the UK and educated in Ireland.  

Education is important to me. I graduated with a degree in Law and a second degree in Psychology. I started working in finance in 1989 with a graduate training program to eventually setting up my own business 10 years ago.  

I built that business starting with just half a secretary to including 35 more people. I did not do this alone but with supportive colleagues, my clients and a lot of hard work.  

My business  in the district of St Helier South where a number of colleagues and friends are too. Our family lives in Harve Des Pas. I enjoy outings in a RIB around our fabulous coastline. I have supported a number of charitable initiatives in the parish and to be a responsible business owner, good employer and a fair colleague. I try to deliver commercial and effective results. 

Working with others to deliver key objectives is what I believe is critical. This belief drew me to working with the Jersey Alliance because the Party values this too. To my mind, if there are problems it is not somebody else’s job to fix, it is ours.  

We all have a place in society and to ensure it is one we all want to live in and will give us all a good chance of succeeding and improving this for the next generation. We all have to work hard and focus positively on moving forward. 

Delivery on key goals backed up by good data without tiresome rhetoric brings change. 

I work very hard so there’s little time for other interests, but I will always find time to walk the dog; get to church, help my kids when they let me, bake and garden.  

I am renowned for being tough but fair and I believe in giving back. I don’t claim to have all of the answers or experience condoning politics, but I am good at building teams, anticipating what’s around the corner and delivering results.  

This means I will work hard for you and St Helier District South to deliver better health initiatives, more efficient housing, to reduce red tape and make government more accessible to the next generation. I will work to create better arts and cultural opportunities.  

I’m a working mother who understands flexible work needs and proper early years provisions for parents. As a business owner, I know that services need costing and involve difficult decisions, this is where I am experienced.  

6-point Action plan for St Helier South  

  • Community Spirit – looking at new ways of enhancing parish involvement 
  • Protecting Community Spaces – public engagement so we can all shape the look and feel of our parish 
  • Road safety – monitoring speed control and dangerous crossing points 
  • Youth Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour – action on prevention and engagement of disaffected youth 
  • Youth Work – ensuring appropriate provision across the district 
  • Access to Digital – ensure there is open access to good information 


Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Sarah Jane Mullins
  2. Hayley Ann Ramsden
  3. James Patrick Corbett
  4. Barbara Janet Crobett
  5. Mark John Boleat
  6. Christopher Deahl
  7. Linda Caroline Deahl
  8. John Cosgrove
  9. J.S. Cosgrove (Janette Susan)
  10. James Andrew Ramsden