Jonathan Renouf

Candidate for Deputy St. Brelade

About me 

St Brelade is my home parish. I went to school at La Moye, Les Quennevais and Hautlieu, before gaining a degree and PhD in Geography at Durham University. 

I had an award-winning 30 year career as a TV producer at the BBC in London, where I gained a reputation for delivering creatively ambitious projects on schedule and on budget. 

In 2019 I came back to live in St Brelade with my family. I campaigned for the skate park at Les Quennevais, whilst fighting inappropriate overdevelopment in the parish. I’m on the Council of the National Trust for Jersey and I’ve been a regular columnist in the JEP. 

My Vision 

Jersey should be an inspirational place to live, work and play, with a quality of life that is the envy of the world.  

Some of you may think we’re there already, but I know that for many we’re not. We need to make Jersey an island where everyone can thrive. 

St Brelade 

This is a time of change for our parish. The Bridging Island Plan makes Les Quennevais the island’s second urban centre. Pressure is mounting on our remaining open spaces. We have a problem with anti-social behaviour. 

But there are also opportunities. The urban centre designation means we can push for better community facilities, renovations to our shopping areas and improvements for the Elephant Park.  

I will work with the parish, businesses and the community to improve the facilities and services in St Brelade. 

Policy agenda: People, Place, Prosperity 

This is a brief summary: please visit my website for more details. 


The rocketing cost of housing is tearing Jersey apart. I support a package of measures to increase supply, reduce demand and improve affordability. 

Everyone deserves the chance to reach their full potential. I will fight relentlessly to reduce poverty and inequality, to expand opportunity for all. 

Jersey spends less on education and training than similar jurisdictions, yet our future depends on talented, creative islanders. We must invest more. 


The long term future of Jersey depends on a stable population policy. I will fight to achieve this. 

We must continue to protect and enhance our environment, including meeting our commitment to carbon neutrality.  

Faith in politics has been badly damaged by a secretive and out of touch government. We need a new era of transparency and openness. 


Jersey’s economic performance over the last 20 years has been poor. We need to use the opportunities offered by digital innovation, decarbonisation and sustainability to reinvigorate our economy. 

The Zero/Ten tax system is no longer fit for purpose. I support a major review of taxation, with the aim of reducing the burden on individual tax payers. 

If you vote for me, I’ll bring a fresh face and a practical, common sense approach to the States Assembly.  

Even with political parties, the ability to work together is going to be vital to get things done. And getting things done is my speciality. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Alastair Layzell
  2. Enid Quenault
  3. Ian Rolls
  4. Carey Benander
  5. Andrew Wicks
  6. Pat Bisson
  7. Simon C. Langlois
  8. Margaret Livingstone
  9. Antony Mathieu Bellows
  10. Rose Anne Mitchell