Kevin Lewis

Candidate for Connétable in St. Saviour

Please Elect Deputy Kevin Lewis As Constable of St Saviour 

Please Vote for a member of your parish, dedicated to being your Full-time representative.” 

I have been a St Saviour Deputy for seventeen years and following the decision of constable Sadie Rennard to stand down, St Saviour parishioners have asked me to stand for Constable. 

2005 – Present Deputy St Saviour. 

2005 – 2011  States Member, Assistant Minister for T.T.S. 

2011-  2014  Minister TTS 

2014 –2017  corporate services scrutiny, PPC. 

2017 – 2022  Minister for Infrastructure. 

For 25 years Kevin has also run the highly successful Jersey Film Festival in Howard Davis Park, (Restarting 2023) raising significant funds for local charities. 

Kevin isa committee member of the Jersey Blind Society (Eye Can) 

Kevin also maintains the Parish Church Clock. 

He is proud to be a St. Saviour parishioner and would be honoured to serve you for another four years as Constable. 

With your vote, I intend to: 

  • Work hard to protect pensions
  • Promote the use of affordable transport.
  • I am at present working on a safer route to school scheme
  • I will work for greater pedestrian safety and control speeding.
  • I will strive to maintain our health and social services and make sure pensions are protected

Senior Citizens 

The number of senior citizens is projected to increase as people live longer. I will make provisions that enable our senior citizens to live comfortably and safely. 

I have campaigned tirelessly with others for the introduction of an insurance scheme for people in later years, to ensure they won’t be forced to sell their homes, should one of the partners succumb to long term medical care. 

I am very concerned about rising food and fuel costs. I will do my very best to make sure parishioners do not go without. 


If re-elected I would continue my campaign improve public transport. 

I have installed many bus shelters and improved pathways., I was instrumental in the re-introduction of the Double Decker Buses and have recently introduced free passes for carers. We must make it safer for our children to cycle to school. 


I am concerned that the Island should prioritise the needs of the less well-off and first time buyers. This means the provision of social housing and affordable properties for first time buyers. 

However, we must control the amount of house building in the parish, I have brought amendments to restrict the amount of building in the Loungueville and five oaks area. 


We have most of the islands schools in our parish I have been working tirelessly to build more safer routes to schools, the latest being Bagatelle Lane and Bel Air I wish to help young people get started. 

We must minimise our waste. We all have to take responsibility and plan for the future. We need green lanes, not green beaches! 

I am also very concerned about law-and-order issues and will work hard to eliminate antisocial behaviour. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Nadine Palby
  2. Silvia Collins
  3. Elizabeth Heaven
  4. Gillian D. Chapman
  5. Richard Langlois
  6. Kerrie Langlois
  7. Denise Jacklin
  8. Michael Anthony Payne
  9. Patricia Blandin
  10. Isabella Lewis