Kristina Moore

Candidate for Deputy St. Mary, St. Ouen and St. Peter

Moving forward together – a stronger island community – a positive future  

For centuries Jersey has achieved great success. My ambition is to ensure we realise our potential in every aspect of island life. It’s about YOUR future.  

Together, as one strong island community we can put Jersey back on track. I am asking you for your vote so that I can lead a government that will rebuild trust, provide better value for the public’s money and secure a positive future, where everyone can thrive. 

Restore trust & accountability in Government  

Islanders tell me they want their representatives to give greater consideration to their needs and  priorities. I will put people at the centre of decision making through engaging, listening and communicating. Resolving issues & increasing transparency will be the focus.  


The sites agreed for affordable homes should be delivered without delay and more found, like empty public buildings and derelict glass houses (50% of the area will be returned to growing). 

Cost of living 

A Taskforce will deliver targeted solutions to tackle rising costs. This can be seen as an opportunity to use new forms of energy and reduce traffic with more active travel.  

Quality of life 

Restore our position in the top 20 of the OECD Better Life Index. Create new schemes to strengthen our historic parish system, such as Community Gardens to provide seasonal produce at local food hubs. Tackling loneliness, improving road safety and putting families first with a community centred approach. 


Investment is required to ensure children have the best opportunities to develop, starting from the first year of life. Along with a renewed focus on lifelong learning. 


We are ahead in the digital world and need to create the right environment to maintain that position. By removing red tape and providing a Jersey-size approach to regulation for small and medium size businesses we can increase productivity and keep taxes low, broad, simple and fair.  

Protect & enhance our environment  

Deliver a costed plan to achieve carbon neutrality. Improve food security, increase access to local organic produce and recycling, move to a zero waste, circular economy.  


There is sufficient information to switch to a less costly dual site hospital without pushing the project back. Resolve primary care funding.  


A People & Skills Commission will ensure decisions are based on strong data. The aim: a skilled workforce to meet the needs of community and economy by maximising technology solutions and ensuring quality accommodation is available. 


I will contribute to life in St Mary and St Ouen, as well as my home parish of St Peter. Working with the other Deputies we will open a constituency office where we can work and meet people within the community. 

A Better Way 

I’m part of a group of independents working for you. We believe in transparent collaboration. 


After a career in journalism, Kristina has been a states member for 11 years, working in Scrutiny (2011-2014 & 2018-2022) and Home Affairs Minister 2014-18.  

Full manifesto:  T: @moore4Jersey  F: Moore4Jersey 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Kristina Marie Le Feuvre
  2. John Daniel Kelleher
  3. David Robin Seymour
  4. Roger Maurice Le Gros
  5. Stephen Jeffrey Regal
  6. Rhys Jordan Benest
  7. Coral Louise Da Silva
  8. Julie Margaret Battrick
  9. Sophia Louise Bird
  10. Eleanora Philippa Ida Ashbrooke