Lee Cornick

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

After a couple of tumultuous years for us all, I feel that the Government of Jersey desperately needs a fresh approach, new ideas, and people with a good moral compass aligned to the majority of islanders they represent.  

I believe in personal responsibility, freedom to make our own choices, freedom of speech,   equality for all, and the values of integrity, dignity, and respect.  

It was frustrating for many of us to see how few of our Government members had the pragmatic approach of opening up the island’s economy, instead opting for an agenda of fear, coercion and control. I disagreed with the push for longer lockdowns & restrictions that impacted people’s lives & freedoms, knowing the damage it was doing to other aspects of people’s health and mental wellbeing.  

I strongly believe that a Jersey politician should be doing what is right for the maximum amount of islanders possible at any one time. I have seen the disconnect between the politicians and people on numerous policies especially the location & cost of the new hospital, it is no wonder that many islanders feel that politicians are not listening to them or representing them properly.  

I will actively stand up against the forced agenda by a small but loud minority that demand special treatment and acceptance of their beliefs while ignoring the rights, values and beliefs of others. It is humbling for me to see the amount of bravery it must take for some people to live their lives and be who they are. But there is a balance to be found where one person’s rights does not negatively impact the rights, security & lives of others.  

We must look at new ways to enable islanders to access a family home for life and increase levels of affordable & social housing. At the same time we need to protect the wealth of those who invested heavily in their own home.  

We should show flexibility when it comes to residential listed buildings & repurposing while looking at ways to ensure the many empty buildings are used to assist in tackling the homes shortage. 

As a small island we should be leading the way in alternative greener energy especially tidal and solar power and I will support any new initiatives for this. We should also be realistic about our environmental goals and do everything we can to improve and protect our local area. We should be mindful not to burden islanders with the cost of global concerns when our impact on the world effort will be tiny.  

I am not seeking a political career, I am a grounded person who wants to be a voice for his parishioners and who wants to represent hard working people who want what is best for their families & community.  

If you find yourself agreeing with me and you’re sick of the same old politics, then please lend me your vote & we’ll see if together we can make a difference over the next four years.  

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Scott Hollywood
  2. Blake Albert
  3. Rebecca Giulietta Lister
  4. Cameron Arnell
  5. Agneta Paczilinecz
  6. Sheila Hollywood
  7. James Waters
  8. Julie Bisson
  9. Caitlin Bisson
  10. Alison Richards