Lindsay Ash

Candidate for Deputy St. Clement

It was Joseph Kennedy who said “When the going gets tough the tough get going “ Well how that was demonstrated during Covid. This was incredibly evident in St Clement where the Community Support Team, Parish Hall Staff and the Honorary Police performed well above the call of duty in helping Parishioners during what were unprecedented times, and it was a privilege to be Deputy with this team alongside me and I thank them. 

During my four years tenure in the States, I have served as Assistant Treasury Minister , Assistant Home Affairs Minister ,as well as serving on the Planning Appeals Committee. It has been as Assistant Treasury Minister though that I feel I have achieved the most. My role meant that I was responsible for the Shareholder companies and in Covid they too very much performed above the call of duty .Just as an example  Ports of Jersey introduced one of the most comprehensive testing regimes anywhere enabling the Airport to function, Andium froze rents, JT increased speeds free of charge, Jersey Post operated a medicine delivery service and a call and check on vulnerable Islanders during lockdown. It was wonderful to work with these tremendous companies through the pandemic and Jersey is lucky to have them and the staff that work for them . 

I think maybe my most noteworthy achievement was the “Spend Local “ card which gave Taxpayers some of their money back to boost the local economy. This was enormously successful and rolled out in an amazingly short time .I was involved in the initial concept and would like to thank the Officers who put the Idea into practice so swiftly. One shop owner said to me “It was literally a God send” 

So, what of the future and why a Party ? This is a pivotal time for Jersey ,do we stay with the solid sensible ways we have employed so successfully in the past. Whilst implementing certain much needed changes in Education ,Health and Housing or do we go down the path of increasing taxes on the wealthier Islanders and successful companies to provide a “Socialist style model” funded by the Taxpayer. This choice was one of the reasons that Deputies Huelin, Guida and me decided to form a Party . We were quite amazed at how many in the Assembly favoured the “Socialist style model” but had not been elected on that basis . We felt that Islanders deserved at the very least to know what the political preferences of their representatives were . We have achieved that with our manifesto that clearly sets out where we stand and will be delivered to your household soon . 

We hope the Island chooses our way but if it chooses Reform’s at least people know what they are voting for , please use your Vote wisely on June 22nd it matters. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Amanda Anne Le Brocq
  2. June Anita Ash
  3. Stephen P Fox
  4. Kirsty Ogilvie
  5. John Arthur Pinel 
  6. E Goldie
  7. M Elizabeth Blake
  8. Nicholas W. Blake
  9. Magdelena Le Brocq
  10. David Philip Le Brocq