Lyndsay Feltham

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier Central

Dear voter, 

I have chosen to run for election as Deputy of St. Helier Central because I want to represent the people of the district in the States Assembly.  My family has lived in the district for five generations, and my mother (Shirley Baudains) has previously represented the Rouge Bouillon area as Deputy. 

I have been chairperson of Reform Jersey party for three years and I am also chair of the civil service branch of Unite the Union.  I have over 15 years of public sector experience in Jersey and Australia. This experience has given me the skills to be an effective States Member.  I understand public administration and governance, as well as being able to help people with their individual concerns. I was born and educated in Jersey, and lived and worked in Western Australia for 11 years.  I have an honours degree in Enterprise Management, and a masters degree in Cultural and Media Studies.  

As a working mother living in St. Helier, I understand the day to day issues facing working families living in the area.  St. Helier Central is the most densely populated district and houses a diverse community that needs access to schools and community facilities, and safe, well maintained public open spaces, as many of us do not have gardens.  It’s also essential that we address air quality issues caused by the high volume of traffic that uses the main access routes into town that cut across the district. 

I believe that Government services should provide the very best value for the people of our Island.  Ministers should be accountable for the way that government departments are run, and waste should be reduced in the public sector so that public money can be invested to improve frontline services such as mental health, education, family support, and care for the aged. 

I am standing alongside other Reform Jersey candidates on a platform for change. We have produced a comprehensive manifesto outlining our policies which you can find at   

If we get elected to government, we will set these three priorities for this term of office: 

  1. Create a more equal society
  2. Prepare Jersey for the challenges of the future
  3. Restore government accountability and democracy

These priorities will serve people living in St. Helier Central well and improve our everyday lives.  

Reform Jersey has published a ‘Housing Crisis Action Plan’, which includes proper rent regulation and support for first-time buyers.  We will also bring in a landlord licensing scheme to ensure that rented properties are safe to live in and tenants are protected. 

We would also reduce income inequality by increasing the Minimum Wage to a living wage and cutting GST on essential items.  Healthcare should be free at the point of need, and a Reform Jersey led government would bring in measures to make it free for you to see your doctor. 

The more Reform Jersey candidates that get elected, the greater our opportunity to make a difference. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Samuel Yves Mézec
  2. Laurie Louise Nehwati
  3. Patricia Maud Davies
  4. Anita Macfarlane Despres
  5. Eric Falla
  6. Mike Graham
  7. Carol Cooper
  8. Emma Jane Gamble
  9. Samantha Blampied
  10. Emily Robinson