Marcus Troy

Candidate for Connétable in St. Clement

Firstly, I must start by saying what an absolute privilege it has been to serve as your Constable since July last year and thank you all for putting your trust in me. I believe I have now served my apprenticeship and offer my services for a further term of four years.  


Mental Health and Wellbeing. 

States Departments and Charities are swamped by the volume of current need across the Island. In the Parish we are on the cusp of setting up a Special Quiet Lounge drop-in service monitored by professionals. this is due to start in September. 

To run with this with our Community Police and parish services and I are looking at setting up a mobile talking service, to set up in strategic locations across the Parish. 

We have already taken on two allotments ready to go for the benefit of people who either cannot afford the money and or have a special need. 

Together with this there are more exercise classes in the Hall and once a week there  

is one free one specially for the elderly. We are adding more diverse interests in the winter. 


Poverty and Need. 

Through our trusts we are paying out more money than ever before on behalf on increasing numbers in desperate need. We also support the Grace Trust and our community services in providing food hampers and food vouchers and fuel vouchers on a weekly basis. The situation will get worse during the winter as inflation bites and food costs and utilities costs rise.  


Green Fields and Overdevelopment. 

We successfully defended our precious green fields against the latest Island Plan, but we must be diligent moving forward as there will be a new 10-year plan in future. 

We are completely against large scale developments and will diligently defend our precious green fields going forward and are currently working with States depts., to identify who owns any fields and glass houses in the Parish to keep a watchful eye on their intentions.  


Traffic, Speed Limits and Parking. 

We have been working for months in collaboration with the Traffic consultants in IHE on a comprehensive look at all these matters within the Parish and were about to go to Parishioners consultation but have been halted during this election process. 


The Parish Hall and Parish Estates. 

The Parish Estate in general does not generate enough money for the size and value under our ownership and I cannot ignore this.  The Parish Hall is underused but is also currently not up to various regulation standards. This must be addressed and we can sort this out and come out with a Parish Estate that generates more income and is future proof for years to come. 

Many thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto. 

Parish Matters First. 

Marcus Troy. 

More People Before Politics! 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

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  2. Collette Willmett
  3. Michael Seamus Patrick Morvan
  4. Garry Douglas Beardshall
  5. Terence John Le Main
  6. Patrick Barry Troy
  7. Kevin Leslye Romeril
  8. Rosemary Elizabeth Norman
  9. Jean Beryl Chapman
  10. Simone Madeleine Goddard