Mark William Le Chevalier

Candidate for Connétable in St. Helier

I am a Jerseyman and have lived in Jersey my whole life. I was born in St Helier, where I currently reside with my wife and two children. An electrician by trade, and the owner and director of two successful businesses.

I regularly encounter parishioner’s points of views regarding parish matters and this was my calling in which to stand for election. To be in a role where I can voice people’s concerns, to implement their choices and to be their States representative, whilst endorsing my own qualities, skillsets and values.

I’m passionate about St Helier and respect tradition, however a fresh contemporary approach is now required. I pride myself on being a proactive person and do not make empty promises. I will not be joining a political party as I believe the Constable should remain impartial.

I recognise a need for improving paths for pedestrians/cyclists but there is also a realistic requirement for parking which needs to be rebalanced. There is not enough parking for the disabled, shoppers, residents and contractors a like who are all dissuaded from coming into town because of the parking situation, which in return has a knock-on effect to businesses due to the deficiency in footfall. This needs to be actioned.

We need to ensure a bright, clean and vibrant St Helier, whilst continuing to care and respect the elderly within our community. We should also utilise local talents before consulting resources elsewhere.


  • Improve disability access/awareness – Review disabled parking areas and building access. Enhance road/pavement surfaces for disabled individuals.
  • Parking, Roads & Infrastructure – Although I support a green environment, there is still a need for parking. I propose free on-street parking zones and more carparks. Endeavour to open Broad Street and to review Midvale Road.
  • Environment – Support resources that protect the environment, welcome the initiation of energy efficient devices with consumer incentives. More kerb-side recycling.
  • Health – The requirement for a new hospital is crucial, but not at Overdale.
  • Rates – Sustain low rates whilst providing efficient services that the municipality expects.
  • Homelessness – Support the Homeless Jersey Strategy. It’s important to understand and prevent where possible, individuals from being in such a situation.
  • Young people – Putting children first. Provide apprenticeship opportunities, present more activities i.e. electric go-karting, under 16’s discos. Support the Freedom Centre in restoring the former Odeon where youngsters can meet.
  • Communication – Improve communication and transparency for parishioners by publicising quarterly meetings to express concerns and provide feedback. Review parish structure and voting system.
  • Honorary Police – Support the recruitment of the Honorary Police which is a part of our islands heritage and should be retained.
  • Elderly – Support and care for the elderly. Introduce OAP schemes/privileges.
  • Island-Wide Matters – To support any States initiative that will actively target these concerns i.e. housing crisis. It would be a great privilege to become father of the parish and to become advocate for the parishioners. I would like to thank everybody who has nominated me for this challenging but assumingly rewarding role.

Please read my full manifesto.

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Anthony Batho
  2. Richard Hardy Bishop
  3. Rebecca Sian Vale Hardy-Bishop
  4. Muriel Batho
  5. Pauline Picton
  6. Marco Rogério Ferreira Do Nascimento
  7. Philip Anderson
  8. Christine Anderson
  9. Alistair McDonald
  10. Andrew McCarter