Mary O’Keeffe

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

It was Theodore Roosevelt who said “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground”
How true that is for this Island ….we have achieved so much and punched above our weight whilst continually staying grounded in so many ways 

I was attracted to party politics as I with my colleagues believe it is the best way to get the policies that the people of Jersey want implemented effectively and quickly. These include maintenance of the key characteristics of Jersey – its links with the Crown, the role of the parishes with the Connétables sitting in the States Assembly, a low tax environment made possible  because of the thriving business sector, and a beautiful island which must be fiercely protected.  But the Alliance also sees the need for significant improvements, particularly in respect of housing, educational standards, population, and healthcare provision, and we have clear plans to achieve these goals.  

For Parish issues I believe in Community spirit and set up a local Parishioners Facebook page to help connect Parishioners. I would like to see more activities in the parish. Some ideas from the community group were setting up a farmers’ market, having pop up shops and craft fairs. Give people a reason to come to St Saviour. 


Implementation of the right plan for St Saviour is essential. I would propose to set up a working group who would meet and work with the Environment  & Planning Department and architects to ensure that Parishioners have their say on what our Parish will look and feel like in the future. 


We do not have a core to our Parish; I would like to see an overall strategic vision for St Saviour. Having a hub and a new village would help shape our Parish. I campaigned with ‘Save our St Saviour group’ to stop over development in the Parish. Now that the Island Plan has been passed it is vital we have a say on what goes where. 


I have been tasked with the role of Party Secretary for the Jersey Alliance and as a campaigning member have seen first-hand how we work well together. I am particularly proud of our Dental and  Mental health policies. As a party we communicate regularly with each other, and everyone contributed to policy making which has shaped our manifesto and our vision for Jersey. 

 Why Mary O’Keeffe for DEPUTY -Credentials 

I have been involved in local Charities as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of the Jersey Opera House for ten years and on the Board of  Jersey Cheshire Homes. I am Vice Chairman of Crimestoppers Jersey. I was on the board of the St.Magnus International Music Festival and Director of Liberation Music festival.  

I served as  a Centenier in St Saviour. 

I gained a master’s degree in European Cultural Studies and a Diploma in Political Science. 

My previous career in Healthcare and Property means I know how to get things done. 


Names of Proposers and Seconders

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  2. Christopher David Leck
  3. Graeme Alan Witts
  4. Mirabel Witts
  5. Trevor Edward Dorman
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  10. Sally Minty-Gravett