Mary Rose Le Hegarat

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier North

As an independent candidate for St Helier North my focus remains to serve the Parish and Island in a positive and constructive manner, concentrating on delivering results for residents. I believe in equality of treatment and opportunity, and importance of diverse perspectives for strong Government. 

My commitments and priorities: 

The Economy  

  • I support financial services. The finance industry provides the mainstay of Jersey’s employment and economic success, and it is important that this position is maintained, and enhanced by embracing new technologies.  
  • Promote diversification across sectors such as retail, farming and tourism. It is essential to ensure that dependence is spread, providing wider employment opportunities and revenue income.  
  • Maintain Jersey’s low-tax economy. 
  • I do not support high borrowing and burden created for future generations.  

Education & Population 

  • Advocate for a full assessment of the islands’ skills gap.  
  • Support and encourage on-island upskilling, maximise development and utilise local resources, seeking off-island recruitment only where strictly necessary. 
  • Ensure facilities and green spaces are provided for St Helier schools. 
  • Promote programmes for continual development using further and higher education.
  • Incentivise students to return to the island following further education. 
  • Controlling immigration by way of work permits. 


  • Home ownership is beyond the reach of many. I support affordable housing for all, including key workers and share-ownership. 
  • Utilisation of brownfields sites when cresting developments 
  • Fully utilising empty properties and investigation of obstacles preventing their creation as suitable homes. 
  • Whilst the integrity of historic building is important, ensure policies do not prohibit appropriate modernisation. 


  • Following approval of the Jersey Care model, ensure islanders receive the same level of care without extra cost. The elderly, sick and those less fortunate must receive the necessary protection and support. 
  • An holistic approach with joint agency initiatives should be encouraged and extended, in order to achieve maximum collective effectiveness. 
  • Implement recommendations from HSS Mental Health reviews. 
  • Implement recommendations from Maternity review. 


  • Passionate about the protection of green spaces and agricultural land 
  • I support the creation of cycle paths 
  • I support utilising solar panels in all new properties 


  • It is essential to have genuine transparency across States Departments and Government, in order that everyone can see where money is spent, and lines of accountability are clear. Firm control of public expenditure focused on customer service with lean structures.  

About me 

Born in Jersey to a farming family I was educated at Les Landes and Les Quennevais. I have lived in the island all my life with short work secondments overseas.  

Married to David, we have a 15 year-old daughter, Natalie. I am a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians and hold an LLB in Law. 

Jersey Income Tax Department; Jersey Airport; Department for Agriculture and Fisheries; Accountancy firms; Police Officer (1989-2014); Civil Servant (Treasury); Corporate Management Portfolio Office. States Deputy District 3/4 St Helier 2018-present. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders


  1. Hannah Jane Curnock
  2. Kevin Alan McKerrell
  3. Sharon Edna Eileen Testori
  4. Eileen Mary Le Cuirot
  5. Bryan Ian Le Marquand
  6. Marco Cassiano
  7. Angela Lister
  8. Nigel Anthony Holland
  9. Jan Victor Huet
  10. Eileen Vowden