Moz Scott

Candidate for Deputy St. Brelade

About Me

I am standing as an independent candidate for St Brelade, my home parish for twenty years.

After graduating from Oxford University, I qualified and practised law in London and then Jersey. I retired as a partner from a leading local law firm to run my own leadership training business and work on a writing project.

As chair of the St Brelade’s Bay Association, working voluntarily, I have campaigned for support of public enjoyment of the Bay and its future visitor economy.

As a newcomer to politics in 2018, I narrowly missed being elected as a Senator. Many voters feel disenfranchised by the States Assembly removing the role.

Jersey matters

Political decisions have led to

  • our economy performing worse than Guernsey’s with more pandemic-related deaths
  • a top-heavy government wasting public funds that could improve life for Islanders without cash to squander
  • huge public debts that the Island’s children will need to help repay one day (if they can afford to stay).

Since 2018, I have served voluntarily as an independent member of:

  • the States Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (investigating government spending and organisation) and
  • Jersey’s statutory statistics watchdog.

These roles highlighted to me how government is failing to serve Islanders well. Many areas need urgent attention, not least because the ever-increasing cost of living and of housing has made life harder for most Islanders.


  • must make better decisions with better information
  • needs to be re-organised to deliver services more productively.

States Members must stop

  • avoiding decisions to secure popularity over public interest
  • relying on civil servants to make political decisions
  • becoming snagged up in bureaucracy
  • rejecting potential solutions because of technicalities without offering amendments.

After extensive research within the public and private sector, I facilitated the How Proposition list ( to inform voters, candidates and future States Members how the States Assembly could make better decisions to

  • improve government and the economy, and
  • stop those improvements being unnecessarily delayed.

St Brelade matters

During the recent planning policy review, Constable Mike Jackson put forward propositions I drafted to protect St Brelade’s visitor economy and the Island’s wider economy. This resulted in:

  • further restrictions on residential expansion on the Bay’s seafront
  • landscaping improvement policies for the Bay’s seafront and parts of Ouaisné.

Vandalism has been an unfortunate problem in St Brelade. The How Proposition list seeks to address the problem with the proposed wider use of community service orders.

If elected, I will use my legal and planning knowledge and political experience to continue striving for improvements in the living and working environment of St Brelade Parishioners and to champion positive change Island wide through promotion of the How programme.

Need more information? My mailshots, and provide more information on my campaign. I am easy to contact on social media too. If you have time and would like to meet me personally, I have posted times and dates when I will be at the Parish Hall Assembly Room. I will happily accept an invitation to visit you too

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Francis Laine
  2. Angela Mariani
  3. Aaron Chatterley
  4. Belinda Lewis
  5. David Moon
  6. Jon Hackett
  7. Helen Bartholomew
  8. Carol Saunders
  9. James Buckley
  10. George Le Gallais