Nick Le Cornu

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier South

My priority is to make politics work, to show real change is possible. 

That means: 

  • strengthening our health service 
  • providing our children modern education 
  • building affordable homes 
  • creating jobs that ensure the next generation of islanders have a future here 

I am an employment lawyer representing workers in the Employment and Discrimination Tribunal.  

As a former Deputy for St Helier South, where I live, and elected in 2014, I have experience.  

For over 30 years I have been campaigning for social justice. 

In 2019 I exposed the ‘Elections Expenses Scandal’. Two Deputies were prosecuted for failing to complete an election expenses return. 30 of 49 States Members committed a criminal offence as did many of the 91 candidates. All were let off. 

For too long Jersey’s government has been run for the rich and privileged, ignoring the social and economic interests of working people.  


I will challenge rising living costs and stagnating wages. 

Fuel and electricity price increases are putting pressure on working people and especially pensioners. This is creating fear. 

I support an emergency budget to provide money for all in need – as during the pandemic. 


  • End Zero-Hour Contracts 
  • Demand £15 minimum wage 
  • Replace minimum wage with a real Living Wage 
  • Support quality affordable childcare for parents who choose to work 
  • Assist workers to obtain justice through the Employment Tribunal 
  • Strengthen Employment Law, especially holiday pay and time limits for bringing Disability Discrimination claims 
  • Promote trade union rights for shop, hospitality and care workers 


Skyrocketing house prices benefit only speculators, depriving first time buyers of opportunity. 

  • Protect private renters from poor quality housing and unfair rent increases. 
  • Homelessness must be tackled 
  • Target housing need where it is greatest 
  • Commit to an extensive public housing programme – island wide 


Health is a priority. We must: 

  • Deliver the new hospital 
  • Recruit and retain more professional staff 
  • Ensure fair pay and conditions. End management bullying 
  • Deliver fully funded Mental health, substance abuse and suicide prevention strategies 


  • One category of States Member all elected on the same day in constituencies of equal size 
  • St Helier to have more elected Deputies 
  • Remove the Bailiff, Crown Officers and Dean from the States Assembly 


This enormous problem has to be a priority. We must move away from fossil fuel dependency and honour zero emissions commitments.  

  • Improve public transport 
  • Prioritise travel infrastructure for bicycles 
  • Promote electric vehicle charge points 
  • Develop, in conjunction with France, our abundant tidal and wind resources 


Promote an inclusive and diverse society based on equal rights and opportunities, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, disability, age or ethnic origin. Challenge racism, misogyny and disability discrimination in our institutions and society. 

  • End the scourge of domestic violence and violence towards women and girls 
  • Reconfirm the priority supposedly awarded to children’s well-being and rights 
  • Seek an inclusive society for our immigrant communities from Portugal, Poland, Romania, the UK and elsewhere 


Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Robert Niall Douglas
  2. Mary Jean Sheila Osmond
  3. Stephanie Marchant
  4. Lainah Mereki-Penttila
  5. Sandra Marie Dickinson
  6. Claire Goncalves
  7. Derek Mason
  8. John Michael Cooper
  9. Jenifer Marshall
  10. Maria Fatima Mondim