Nigel Jones

Candidate for Deputy St. Brelade

I was born in Jersey and am delighted to be standing for election as a Reform Jersey candidate in St Brelade, where I grew up and currently live.I went to La Moye School and De La Salle College, followed by a degree in Electronics in 1975. I worked in electronics factories and in control system design and sales in England, then came back to Jersey in 1987 and taught Science and Technology at De La Salle for twelve years.I am a big believer in lifelong learning. In 2000 I went back to university and gained a master’s degree in Applied Computing. Back in Jersey, as a self-employed software developer, I spent nearly a decade designing and writing software for local businesses.

Community involvement

Concerned about ecology and the environment, I started the environmental group Jersey in Transition in 2010. With over 2,000 members, JiT’s focus is to help Jersey transition to become much less dependent on oil and gas. Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels has never been so important. Fuel and gas prices are soaring, and many islanders are struggling with the cost of living crisis. The ways we deal with these environmental issues cannot be separated from the many social issues that we face in the Island.

Key issues

I especially share Reform Jersey’s policies in the following areas:There is a housing crisis that threatens Jersey’s future. We need to protect and support those who rent and those who wish to buy homes locally.

Health care is too expensive for many families. We need to reduce waiting times for routine procedures and make GP visits cheaper and eventually free for those who need it. Many suffer from insecurity caused by low wages and the gig economy. I support raising the minimum wage to a living wage.

Taxes need to be more progressive and fair. Charging GST on food and essential items hits the least well-off and I support its removal. People should pay tax according to their ability to contribute, instead of the burden falling increasingly on low and middle earners.

Buses are too expensive and too infrequent on many routes. Cycling is considered too dangerous by many. There is insufficient provision for those with mobility problems. Our whole transport system is in need of improvement. We need to look after our wild places, seaside and farmland better. We can and should provide more good food for local markets, and more space for our wildlife to thrive. For further details on the above please see our manifesto at

In Summary

We need representatives in government who understand the needs of ordinary people, and the demands of a rapidly changing world. We need people in the States who will work together to achieve fairness for all. We need a just transition into a greener, cleaner, fairer future that will allow us, our children and our grandchildren to be healthy and to thrive.

On 22 June, please vote Nigel Jones, Monty Tadier and Reform Jersey.

Names of Proposers and Seconders

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  2. Ian Rolls
  3. Nicola Brown
  4. Peter John Le Sueur O.B.E
  5. Jane (Jennifer Ann) Little
  6. Sharon Cox
  7. Anthony Raymond Paintin
  8. Vanessa Moore
  9. Michael James Patton
  10. Helen Christine Pinzari