Piers Sangan

Candidate for Deputy Grouville and St. Martin

I am standing for election in Grouville and St. Martin intending to provide the Assembly with a professional voice for the environment. I grew up in Grouville and my professional work has kept me involved in both parishes working in the rural landscape. My key focuses for the campaign are: 

The Environment 

I am keenly aware that to succeed in protecting the natural environment we must look for a balanced approach. Where possible, we need to focus on protecting our most important species and habitats, whilst at the same time, ensuring that the natural environment is integrated into all our future decision-making to look for opportunities to integrate, enhance and restore spaces for nature.  


A lot of focus is given to school-age education, but attention needs to be given to the Further Education and Higher Education opportunities that are available on Island. We must ensure that there are provisions for Islanders of all ages and backgrounds to access the training and education that they require. 

I would like to see more collaborative working between the various courses provided on the Island and market these study options to Islanders in a joined-up manner that fully promotes the variety of options available.  


Jersey needs to provide health and social care facilities that are fit for purpose. A historic lack of joined-up and effective collaboration has prevented the modernisation and development of our health and social care services, in a way that is suitable for serving Islanders at present and in the future. 

There is a need to deliver a new hospital and kitting it out with systems and equipment to look after generations of Islanders to come. Also, there is the need to invest in the recruitment and retention of staff in the public, private, and charitable healthcare sectors. 

 Local businesses 

Local businesses are the heart of Jersey, with single-person businesses increasing significantly in recent years. These small businesses cover all sectors from rural to digital. The Government needs to ensure that support and investment opportunities have the flexibility to adapt to all sectors. As a local business owner, aiding local entrepreneurs and businesses is something close to my heart. 

The constituency 

Whether it is matters relating to road safety, in-parish facilities, or helping to identify suitable sites to be put forward for development or protection in the next island plan, I am committed to working with both parishes on matters which are close to you as parishioners and that you would like voiced at a Government level. 

Each parish has a strong identity within Jersey, something that I would work to maintain over the next four years, for future generations. 

My 8-year-old would also like to see me working to tackle littering, which I am more than happy to support. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

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  2. Tahnee Blakemore
  3. Fiona-Ann Sangan
  4. Kim Koester
  5. Andrew Frank Koester
  6. Thomas Joseph Perchard
  7. Richard Rive
  8. Peter Charles Le Maistre
  9. Andrew Lawrence Labey
  10. Dominic Wormell