Raluca Kovacs

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

I am standing for election with Reform Jersey, as I am eager to make a positive contribution to our Island.

I live in the parish with my husband and two young daughters, where we also run a popular restaurant located in Howard Davis Park.

I am British Romanian and have advanced qualifications in business, management, finance, accountancy, project management and experience of working in Public services.

Over the last few years I have been actively involved in the Community as follows:

  • Chair of Romanian Association in Jersey
  • Co-chair of HSBC Diversity and Inclusion
  • Mustard Seed Jersey
  • Breastfeeding support within UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative alongside Family Nursing and Home Care
  • Input into the Education Language Policy and Family Friendly Law 2020
  • Finalist for the JEP’s ‘Community Champion’ Award 2019
  • Winner of ‘Our Stars’ public service ‘Community Champion’ Award 2021

As a working mother with a young family, I understand and experience first-hand the problems caused by our soaring cost of living. With 25% of children and over a third of pensioners living in poverty, I support the measures that Reform Jersey will take to improve people’s lives, such as removing GST from essential items like food, and tackling the housing crisis.

There are no quick fixes to housing availability and affordability, however, we could make a start by preventing investors from outside the Island from buying flats on new developments and ensuring the existing accommodation is fit for purpose and secure.

I am against housing development on green-fields and agricultural land. More effort should be put into making the agricultural sector more viable and sustainable whilst adapting to modern environmental practices, to ensure we do not lose this important part of our economy.

By supporting the promotion of “Caring as a Career” within the Community, those over 65’s, who need support to live independently, would get tailored care provided by a well-paid and skilled workforce.

Reform Jersey is committed to providing healthcare which is timely, high-quality, available and affordable at the point of need for all.

We need to improve our education system and better support its staff, to allow all children to reach their full potential and provide better welfare and life-long learning.

We can do more to create safer routes to schools, with less traffic. I would work with others in the Parish, as well as schools, parents and students to encourage children to walk or cycle to school. I recognise that there are no easy solutions; however, I will try to make improvements for residents.

Population, Diversity and Inclusion: we should celebrate and make use of our Island’s cultural diversity and the varied skills this provides and see its diversity as an opportunity, not as a burden. I have a strong work-ethic, cultural awareness and lot of common sense. I am family- orientated and, if elected, I will work hard on your behalf to serve the Parish’s best interests.

Please read our full manifesto at www.reformjersey.je and consider voting for me on 22nd June 2022.

Names of Proposers and Seconders

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  2. Monika De Gruchy
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  6. Tom Marett
  7. Dan Kovacs
  8. Octavian Razvan Marinca 
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