Rowland Huelin

Candidate for Deputy St. Mary, St. Ouen and St. Peter

Less talk and more action. This is my motto. I am a man who relishes  taking on big and brave challenges. I ask the difficult questions and take on issues facing our Island that many others have shied away from. I have strived for decision making based on fact and not opinion or assumption. 

In 2018, I was privileged to be invited by St Peter to be their Deputy. I have honoured every single one of my election promises.  

I immediately put myself forward to be on the team to deliver the hospital. In 2020, I was invited to deliver the population policy . I successfully brought to the Assembly revised laws of controlling inward migration. More recently, at the behest of many local businesses I brought a proposition to highlight the lack of accommodation for our valued seasonal workers, a matter that has been neglected for many years. 

A hospital is merely a building without talented and motivated clinical staff. We are blessed with those who offer their services for the health of the Island. However, I fear, regardless of their endeavours, clinical outcomes are just not good enough today. I will work to ensure we attract and retain the very best talent, and ensure they are fully supported in delivering the exceptional healthcare that this Island deserves. 

I am deeply concerned about what Jersey offers for our young people. Housing, the cost of living, access to affordable childcare, educational standards, digital investment, culture, sport and protecting our environment are vital issues that I want to tackle.  We must do so if we want to have an Island that has something to offer our young people and retain local talent. I have listened to young islanders and they want a more inclusive, diverse and multicultural society. They want challenging and varied work options, and to be assured of the opportunity of lifelong learning and skills development. They want to know hard work will lead to promotion from within the local ranks. 

My 30 years in the tech industry made me realise how important it is for our future. I sold my first computer in 1983, 8 years before the internet was invented. My career involved extensive travel across the US, Europe and the Far East and I was honoured to work for such impressive companies as Oracle, IBM and Symantec. I was primarily involved in major account management and contract negotiation.  

I will continue to push for greater use of technology to ensure Jersey stays ahead of the game and to improve productivity across all sectors. I will strive to ensure we are a more technology savvy society through education and lifelong learning. 

These are all big challenges, with no simple piecemeals solutions. I want to ensure my actions and all decisions and Government thinking takes the plight of our young and the Island’s future into all deliberations. 


Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. David Frobisher Waters
  2. Christopher Henry Benest
  3. Sally Marie Langlois
  4. Douglas Jeffrey Maccabe
  5. Peter Joseph Lamy
  6. Sally Camara
  7. Marion Joan Buchanan
  8. Lee Maddon
  9. Peter Le Rossignol
  10. Richard Hugh Barnes