Russell Labey

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier South

I’m an Independent; a productive, hard-worker with one of the highest success rates for winning votes in the States Assembly, achieved by thorough research, building consensus and a clear vision. That is how I deliver.  

Im Independent as I’ve witnessed factions, divisions, opposition-for-opposition’s-sake and self-indulgent personality clashes take priority over serving the public and solving our problems – if that’s party politics, you can keep it. 

Independent because to restrict further, to a single party, the pool of talent available for the top jobs is crazy. Good government is a coalition of all the talents, working together. 

We must work together to shield people from soaring cost of living – no tax rises – we must solve the current housing crisis and ensure it never happens again.  

My work as Minister for Housing and Communities  

  • From 2010 to 2020 we built 2000 fewer homes than required, that’s why we’re in this mess, we must build our way out of it. We can do it in tandem with developing an immigration policy.  
  • In only 15 months as Housing Minister I’ve have taken decisive action. 
  • Ending the sale of new homes to foreign investors. 
  • Launching the Housing Advice Service a one-stop-shop for those in difficulty. 
  • Securing States owned sites for Gateway homes, more must follow. 
  • A new Housing Strategy team will ensure supply meets demand.  
  • Delivering an 80% social rents model and widening the Gateway. 
  • Securing the purchase by Andium of Spence Close, St Saviour. 
  • My new Housing Partnership Board is getting government and industry talking. 
  • The new Rent Tribunal will make our ancient Rent Control Law fit for purpose. 
  • I’ve issued law drafting instructions for a new Residential Tenancy Law, which will be fairer and provide better protection for tenants and landlords alike. 

Working together with the construction industry, the Jersey Homes Promise gives first-time-buyers, up-sizers, right-sizers, local families, priority purchase over buy-to-let investors. A £10m Shared Equity Scheme will enable first-time-buyers to defer 25% of the purchase price.  

There’s more to do on empty homes, helping empty-nesters and the Homelessness Strategy. 

St Helier 

I back 100% Andium’s visionary plans to use Gas Place to double the size of the Town Park.  

St Helier is woefully lacking in open green space – fact. Yes, Primary School need is an equal priority, I have ideas to accommodate this. But only Gas Place is available to extend the park.  

The St Saviour’s road area is taking increased density – the payback for that must be improvements, amenity space, and safe, pleasant, green routes throughout. The same is true of the Green Street and the Havre des Pas area, the same is true of the Waterfront.  

Anyone who doesn’t understand this, doesn’t understand St Helier.  

I love representing this district, I hope that by giving me one of your votes you’ll allow me to continue working hard on your behalf. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders


  1. Andrew Le Seelleur, MBE
  2. Pierre Horsfall, CBE
  3. Paul Routier, MBE
  4. Elizabeth Collings
  5. Karen Plummer
  6. Rebecca Gavriel
  7. John Nigel Metcalfe
  8. Patricia Robinson-Leigh
  9. Rafe Woolf
  10. Patricia Florence Clarke