Simon Crowcroft

Candidate for Connétable in St. Helier

Simon Crowcroft, ‘Working for St Helier’ 

I enjoy the role of Constable and hope to continue to serve my Parish. St Helier is under extreme pressure, much moreso than in recent years: I think I have the right combination of experience and skills to ensure that it is protected from harm, offers residents the best possible quality of life, and is supported by a States Member with no party allegiance or agenda other than supporting St Helier.  

As an independent backbencher I have brought many propositions for debate in the States, the majority of which have been successful, such as repeated efforts to get the States to pay rates, measures to ensure that if the new hospital goes ahead at Overdale any lost Parish facilities will be replaced, agreement on a new country park and, most recently, the decision to support the Havre des Pas lido.  

However, Government still fails to treat St Helier fairly in terms of the cost of running the capital, with St Helier ratepayers still having to fund services which are paid for out of general taxation in other parishes, and decisions are taken by Government, affecting St Helier residents and businesses, which should be devolved to a new elected body.  

I was disappointed that Andium Homes’ recent proposal to double the size of the Millennium Town Park was not supported by the States and I will seek to ensure that this vital project goes ahead, as I believe that the thousands of existing and new residents in central St Helier need a bigger park. I will continue to fight to protect the Parish’s precious parks, gardens and open spaces from development. 

If re-elected I will seek the setting up of an Urban Task Force to enable regeneration projects to happen much faster and to ensure that residential areas in which most parishioners live are not neglected while the Government works up plans for projects like Fort Regent and the Waterfront. I will continue to press Government to deliver on promises to make walking and cycling easier and safer, to produce the long delayed ‘Hoppa Bus’ network and a parking strategy which does not disadvantage St Helier car owners, and provides sufficient parking for shoppers and visitors to town. 

In March, St Helier had its first St Patrick’s Day Parade and I will continue to encourage the holding of events and festivals in the Parish. I have a hands-on and can-do approach to my work, encouraging al fresco and the opening of new hospitality businesses, supporting town’s retailers, and doing all I can to ensure that the Parish team creates a welcoming environment that is clean, attractive, inclusive and valued, with customer care, courtesy, good communication, environmental awareness and efficiency the hallmarks of our dealings with parishioners. I support the invaluable work of the Honorary Police and our other volunteers, including the Battle of Flowers, and with the cost of living rising dramatically I will do all I can to continue to keep Parish rates low. 

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