Sophie Walton

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

I was born and raised in St. John and educated at the local primary school. I undertook my secondary education at Les Quennevais and higher education at Highlands College. 

I now live in St Clement with my partner Jordan, my two daughters, two stepsons and our rescue dog, Eric. 

My career began in a local hair salon and has allowed me to gain qualifications for hairdressing and for teaching within the lifelong learning sectors. During my career I have been fortunate enough to work not only in salon but also within a local academy teaching my profession to local students. 

As the owner of Stylistics Hair Studio, Saint Saviours Hill, I am proud and privileged to own a local business and to work so closely with the Parishioners of St Saviour, gaining an insight into daily parish life. 

My business has been established in St Saviour since 2015 and based on interactions with the local community, I have come to learn just how much work is needed in our parish. If elected I will seek to look at the issues surrounding parking, publicly and privately, effective and community-based usage of our green areas and to ensure that work continues to provide safe routes for commuting to schools. Clearly the lack of parking and pedestrianisation for our local students has become a major contribution to the frustration to road users during peak times. 

Over the years I have developed an affection for Our Island and what the future will hold for the next generations. I am passionate about education; I would like to see the current curriculum evolve, especially the inclusion of more vocational skills. Having a child with additional needs has shown me how our primary education system needs to be adapted to be fully inclusive and supportive of our children. I would like to see those working in education supported in developing their skills further. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic I was part of the five small business owners behind the Support Jersey Family Businessescampaign. During this campaign I learned more about the issues that our small to medium businesses are facing. I hope to continue ensuring our local entrepreneurs have representation within the States. 

If elected, I will continuously develop my understanding of other island wide issues and will look to work alongside my fellow Progress Party members and our coalition partners the Jersey Liberal Conservatives. Together if elected, we can make the changes that Jersey desperately needs. I look forward to being a part of the dialogue and helping drive forward change in all areas of island life. 

Please Vote for me, Sophie Walton. Thank you. 

The Progress Party policies and joint manifesto with the Jersey Liberal Conservatives can be found on our website 

Do you want change or much of the same? 

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