Steve Ahier

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier North

Dear Parishioner 

It has been an honour and a privilege to have served the community of St Helier for the past four years as your Deputy. I hope that you can now support me to be re-elected for a second term.  

I am a retired businessman who has lived in our district for the past 34 years. 

The Economy  

We must ensure that we have a diverse, stable economy which allows private enterprise to flourish. 

The number of public sector employees increases every year; we cannot sustain this expansion without increasing taxes. I will oppose any such increase while exorbitant salaries continue to be paid to consultants.   

We need to maintain a well-regulated finance industry whilst supporting local businesses – these ambitions are not mutually exclusive.  


If Independent Taxation is made compulsory, I will support the introduction of a Compensatory Allowance for married couples who would be left worse off.  

I welcome the Government of Jersey’s commitment to comply with the OECD two-pillar solution.  

I would support an increase in stamp duty for “buy-to-let” investment properties and second homes. 

I am in favour of the removal of the cap on Long-Term Care contributions. It is essential that we do this to prevent tax increases on “middle” Jersey. 


I will propose a ‘Utilities Benefit’ card for senior citizens (based on the 2020 ‘Spend Local’ card) to reduce the impact of escalating energy charges. 


We must not delay any further the establishment of a Public Service Ombudsman. Once this has been achieved, I will propose the creation of a Health Ombudsman to provide much-needed oversight. 


The resident population has increased by 5,400 people over the last 10 years. The new Council of Ministers must respond by implementing the long-awaited population policy.  

It is essential that we control immigration into the island. Infrastructure and housing are under significant strain from unsustainable population growth, resulting in ever increasing house prices. 


We must promote renewable energy (and investigate the viability of wave power) with the long-term aim of creating an independent electricity supply.  

We must protect the Jersey countryside from overdevelopment. I would oppose the loss of further agricultural fields in the next Island Plan.   

Our dairy industry has contracted considerably in recent years and must be supported. Our farming community may also need help if it is to continue supplying the Island with fresh produce.  

As I am from a farming family myself, I recognise that these industries are as important to Jersey’s identity as they are to our economy.  


St Helier deserves a new primary school. Our capital’s population has almost reached 36,000 – it is essential that we have suitable, modern educational facilities for our children. 

We must ensure that there are adequate resources for our schools, including extra funding for special needs support staff. Our education system has been underfunded for many years and the budgets of other departments will have to be adjusted to correct this. 

Please Vote AHIER for Deputy. 

Thank you. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Julia Ahier
  2. Patricia Symonds
  3. Keith Casey
  4. Alan Le Blond
  5. Robert Gilbert Moir
  6. Michael John Egré
  7. Norman St Helier Le Cocq
  8. Margaret Rose Hollingsworth
  9. Leisha Kerri Riant
  10. Daphne Shella Hawes