Steve Bailey

Candidate for Deputy St. Brelade

I moved to Jersey in 1997 and have lived with my partner Jenny in St Aubin village for most of that time. I worked for Air UK in Guernsey and Condor Ferries in Jersey for 15 years. I was appointed the Nat West Island Games Director XVI in 2013. I have also worked for the Ports of Jersey in a senior role and as Group Operations Manager at Jersey Oyster. 

I qualified as a Chartered Manager (CMgr MCMI) with the Chartered Management Institute in 2011. I was determined to achieve this status and did so on a self-funded basis.  

I am used to working in a team of focused people who get things done. My fifteen years with Condor Ferries brought me close to many States Departments, States Committees, and private organisations across Jersey’s varied business community. These relationships helped me considerably when I took on the role of The Nat West Island Games Director in 2013, my proudest professional achievement.  

The 2015 Island Games is still heralded as the most successful Island Games ever held. I worked collaboratively with everyone involved identifying what was needed and then by leading the Games board members and management team we pushed the boundaries on what was achievable delivering the Games under budget and on time. The Games touched every part of the island community, every parish was involved, we worked with every major States department, and received great support from island businesses, associations, and charities. Collectively we shared a great success. We proved that being strategic and focused that Jersey and its people can achieve what they set out to do. The legacy of the games lives on with many who still remember them with fond memories. 

I have worked on several different commercial committees including the Tourism Advisory Board and The Chamber of Commerce Transport Committee.  

I am currently a Trustee on the board of the St Helier Youth Community Trust.  

I’ve decided it’s time to enter the world of politics at a time when Jersey is slowly recovering from COVID and the effects of Brexit. Other global events are also causing great pressures around the world, the Climate emergency and Ukraine to name a couple.  

It’s a time when clear heads are needed when government really does need to listen and perhaps more than anything work collaboratively if it is to achieve its ambitions and deliver them on time and in budget. By standing with The Progress Party, I believe if elected that I can help deliver on our manifesto alongside our coalition partners in the Jersey Liberal Conservatives.   

My sporting passion is fishing. Jersey’s beautiful coastline and inshore waters are the envy of many, we must work to keep them that way. I enjoy every moment on the sea or walking the islands coastline. I am a supporter of the planned Marine Park and will work tirelessly to help this wonderful environmental project succeed.  

The Progress Party’s full manifesto can be found on our website at 

Vote Steve Bailey for change.

Names of Proposers and Seconders:

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  2. Julie Maria Barons
  3. Christine Brown
  4. Fiona Baldwin
  5. John Whyborn
  6. Michael Ryall
  7. Steen Lutz
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  9. Rosemary MacAskill
  10. Rupert Hague-Holmer