Steve Pallett

Candidate for Deputy St. Brelade

I will be seeking re-election as a  Deputy in St.Brelade. I  have the necessary experience, energy and leadership skills that will be needed to guide the  parish and the island through  the undoubtedly difficult times ahead as we look to recover from the effects of the pandemic , Brexit and  the political instability in Eastern Europe. 

As leader of the Progress Party and as part of the coalition with the Jersey Liberal Conservatives, we  must ensure that Ministers and their civil servants are accountable for their actions and that we return to the prudent spending of the past. 

Being the former Connetable and living in St.Brelade for almost 20 years, I meet parishioners and business owners on a daily basis and understand the  financial difficulties that many are  facing, We will  support  young families , pensioners or those on lower incomes who need it most. Costs have increased dramatically causing rising inflation so reducing the widening inequality and supporting businesses is a priority to ensure all can benefit from our successful economy. Accessible and affordable housing is essential to future population stability. 

Recent times have been challenging for everyone and I have served in both government, until late 2020 and laterly in scrutiny. As the ‘sports minister’, I implemented ‘ Inspiring an Active Jersey ‘  a strategy to encourage us to stay physically and mentally active and led development on  a new sports facilities  strategy to provide modern sports centres for islanders. Representing Jersey at the Gibralter Island Games , I was so proud of our team  topping the medal table with 33 gold medals. 

My States proposition to commit government to building a new skatepark at Les Quennevais Sports Centre means we finally see the new facility taking shape to benefit young people in St.Brelade and islandwide . 

As Assistant Health Minister , I  oversaw the improvements to the mental health facility at Orchard House and pushed through the development  of a new facility at Clinique Pinel .I will continue  to ensure adult and childrens mental health services are improved and waiting times reduced. 

The health service more generally in Jersey faces ongoing challenges and my States proposition to reinstate rehabilitation services to Samares Ward at Overdale highlighted how ‘care in the community ‘ is simply not working and  the Jersey Care Model flawed, requiring urgent review. I promise I will continue to fight for a  fit for purpose rehabilitation facility  for islanders in need. 

I recently amended the Bridging Island Plan to implement a  ‘St.Brelades Bay Improvement Plan’ that will consult with parishioners and businesses  as part of its implementation. 

I am proud to have been a past Chair and current committee member of the St.Brelade Youth Project and a trustee of Sanctuary Trust mens refuge in St.Aubin for over 10 years. 

I look forward to meeting parishioners in the next few weeks with my Progress Party colleague Steve Bailey. 

Please vote for all Progress Party and Jersey Liberal Conservative Party candidates islandwide on June 22nd. 


Names of Proposers and Seconders


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