Suzanne Webb

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

My name is Suzanne Webb and I was born in St Helier and live in St Saviour.  I was educated in Jersey and gained a teaching degree from Buckinghamshire University and a degree in Nutrition from the University of Luton.

I ran my own health related business in Jersey for 14 years until 2000 and started teaching in 1995.  Over the past 27 years I have taught several subjects related to the health and well-being industry.  During that time, I also had four books published relating to Level 3 qualifications.

Why am I standing?  I believe the public’s view of the Government is at an all-time low and that it is out of touch with the people of Jersey.  I want to see the States Assembly address many local issues which have remained unresolved for several years but that will only be possible with an assembly that works together for the good of the Island and its Islanders.

St Saviour

  • With a population of 13,000 the facilities of the Parish have not kept pace with the population.
  • Georgetown needs more facilities, and I am committed to the opening of a community/youth centre – bringing people together and strengthening our community.
  • Maison St Louis would benefit from becoming a residential parking status area, and I will work with the local authorities to make this happen.
  • I will ensure the views of the parishioners are listened to regarding their ideas on the Masterplan for Five Oaks.
  • I would encourage a community allotments initiative where parishioners of all ages can grow food to either consume or potentially sell in our own local farmer’s market.
  • I would encourage more active travel to ease the school traffic.
  • An extension of Millennium Park back to St Saviour’s Road would provide more open space for the nearby population of St Helier and St Saviour.

Our hospital – I believe the new administration needs to pause briefly and rethink the new hospital project.  There is sufficient information available to return to a two-site solution without delaying completion but with significant savings in cost.


  • Overdale should be re-developed as the Island’s non-acute facility.
  • Refurbish the existing General hospital to be used as the acute and emergency facility and build a new block on Kensington Place.


  • The old Le Quennevais school should be developed into social housing as it is ideally situated in an existing residential area and the proposed two site hospital approach could allow that to commence far sooner.
  • The States should control the rents of social housing – a percentage of income rather than the 80% below the private sector would benefit many in our communities.

Environment – a subject dear to my heart.  Transport is a key area that needs addressing.  I support the idea of all-electric car sharing through organisations like Evie.

Education – Our children have a right to aspire to fulfil their dreams.  We need a new long-term vision for the education offered to our children.

My full manifesto can be found on my Facebook page.

Names of Proposers and Seconders

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  2. James Rigby
  3. Ann Chambers
  4. Pamela J Hill
  5. Shane Hatherley
  6. Peter Winn
  7. Veronica Filleul
  8. Margret Carson
  9. Patricia Winchester
  10. Susan Joan Campbell-Bisson