About the electoral registers

Jersey’s Parishes are responsible for maintaining electoral registers. Each year the Parishes send a statement to households for residents to check and return to ensure their details are correct.

There are two electoral registers – the main register and the supplementary register. Both registers permit you to vote but you have more flexibility if you register in time to be on the main register. Voters on the main electoral register are eligible to vote using their preferred option from the following:

• In person, at a polling station on election day
• By postal vote, in advance of election day, and from either on-island or off-island
• In person at the pre-poll polling station during the week before election day

Voters on the supplementary register can only vote in person at a polling station on election day.

The deadline to be added to the main register closes around the time of the nomination of election candidates. Anyone who has missed the opportunity to join the main register can be included on the supplementary register. The supplementary register closes a week before the election.

Election candidates are eligible to receive a copy of the electoral registers to help with campaigning. All candidates need to register as a ‘data controller’ with the Office of the Information Commissioner before they can receive copies of the electoral registers. After the election they must return their copies to the Parishes.

Electoral registers are also made available for public inspection at the Jersey Library and at Parish Halls.

If you do not want your personal details to be available on the public register, you can contact your Parish to ask that your details are removed from the public copy of the register. You will still be registered to vote.