On Monday 11 April, Vote.je is launching ‘9 Wanders of Jersey’ – a family-friendly walking quiz to help Islanders become familiar with the new electoral constituencies and consider the issues that they care most about when choosing who they will vote for on Election Day, 22 June 2022.

Each of the nine new electoral constituencies are linked to a series of quiz questions ranging from easy to difficult, which Islanders will be able to join by either downloading the ‘Goosechase’ app and adding the ‘Game’ using the code on Vote.je. Alternatively, a PDF of the quiz will be available to download from Vote.je.

Competitors have nine weeks to complete the nine walks from between 11 April to 12 June, with the answers and prize winners being announced thereafter. Islanders can join the quiz individually or as a team, can complete as much or as little of it as they wish, and are encouraged to document their Wander(s) on social media using the hashtag: #9wandersjsy

A £50 voucher of choice from a local retailer or restaurant will be awarded to each constituency winner and a £100 voucher of choice will go to the winner of all nine constituency quizzes. Runners-up will win two tickets to one of the monthly Royal Court and States Chamber tours, guided by a Blue-Badge guide.

Head of Digital and Public Engagement, Jenny O’Brien, said: “We are thrilled to share our brand-new walking quiz – 9 Wanders of Jersey – as a unique, family-fun approach to learning more about what the recent changes to Jersey’s electoral system mean for you.

“This is the perfect activity to take part in over the Easter holidays and a fantastic opportunity to explore the Island and be in with the chance of winning some great prizes.”